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Meet the brand: Seaglass Wines – discovering one-of-a-kind coastal wines

By Seaglass Wines

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Meet the brand California Seaglass Wines launches in UK

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California’s vast landscape includes diverse terrain, weather and climate, as you’d expect for a state 1.7 times bigger than the UK.

The Golden State is an aspirational place that fills the mind with images of sunshine, dramatic landscapes, stunning coastlines and outstanding wine and food – all of which act as inspiration for the new Seaglass range of wines.

Available through Lanchester Wines, Seaglass offers a rewarding discovery of high quality, fresh, bright flavourful wines made with food in mind. They are a casual yet sophisticated take on California’s Central Coast wine growing region.

Wines in the Seaglass range are:

  • Chardonnay (Santa Barbara)
  • Riesling (Monterey County & Santa Barbara)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (Central Coast)
  • Pinot Noir (Santa Barbara)

Four reasons to stock

1. Opportunity to trade up

Wine consumers are seeking more premium, high quality wines[i]​. This desire for ‘high quality’ – founded by a perception intrinsically linked to ‘good value’ – comes hand in hand with high price points and spend expectations.

The Seaglass range hits a mid-price point but with quality and packaging far exceeding this monetary value, ensuring both you and your customers receive outstanding value for money. After all, everyone wants a bottle of wine which looks, and tastes, more expensive than it is.

2. 93% of wine consumers drink wine during occasions involving food [ii]

Wine appears to be even more intrinsically associated with food than it was pre-COVID-19, and is the drink most likely to do well during food-led occasions. Seaglass is made for food, with food an integral part of California Coastal wine culture. Throughout production, the winemaker considers how Seaglass can integrate with a menu and UK palates.

3. Point of difference

California’s Central Coastal, which ranges from San Francisco in the North to Santa Barbara in the south, has a unique climate creating unique wines.

Seaglass’ corner of this region starts in Santa Barbara County, fanning inland to Paso Robles and north to Monterey County. Santa Barbara County is home to wind-swept hillsides and exceptional, cool-climate fruit. Equally shaped by cooling breezes funnelled in from the Pacific Ocean, Monterey County is renowned for grapes with an elegant balance of flavour and acidity. Even in Paso Robles, the warmest appellation in California, the coastal influence reaches some 25 miles inland to cool the vines, giving this region its signature warm days and cool nights.

4. Coastal Preservation – wine that does good

From sustainable farming to conscientious water use to recycling, we are environmental stewards in the vineyard and in the winery. Seaglass is proud to support like-minded organisations that share its commitment to preserving their beloved coastline, protecting marine wildlife and nurturing the earth for generations to come.


What bar staff need to know

Each of the wines in the Seaglass range is outstanding while drunk over conversation. However, the greatest opportunity to upsell is through pairing with food. And, understanding the phraseology and food pairing to do this is key. Here’s our handy cheat sheet:


Tasting Notes

Food Pairing

SEAGLASS Chardonnay

This Chardonnay captures the cool-climate terroir of Santa Barbara County. Alluring combination of tropical aromas, rich flavours, refreshing acidity and a vibrant mouthfeel.

This clean Chardonnay is elegant and lean—the perfect complement for light pastas, grilled fish or summer salads.


White flowers on the palate are supported by flavours of juicy apricot, peach and melon, with hints of honeysuckle.

 This Riesling pairs well with spicy Asian dishes, smoked salmon, lobster salad and blue cheese.


Cabernet Sauvignon

This Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon opens with distinct aromas of black plum and cherry. The palate is rich and complex, with ripe flavours of blackberry and black cherry, framed by hints of spicy oak on the finish.

Exquisitely balanced with vibrant acidity, this wine complements grilled lamb, pepper-crusted tuna or pasta with a red sauce.


Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is a quintessential expression of Santa Barbara County’s cool-climate vines, with its elegant, light-bodied style.

Beautifully balanced with vibrant acidity, this wine is the ideal complement for grilled salmon, lamb and earthy mushrooms.

The perfect serve

Drink Seaglass wine however you wish. We’ve suggested food pairings but go ahead and enjoy exactly as you wish; with or without food, mix and match pairing but most definitely accompany Seaglass with a smile.

Seaglass Chardonnay and Riesling should be served semi-chilled and why not try the Pinot Noir at this temperature too. Chilled light red wine is a summer delight.

[i]​ CGA Wine insight 4, 2021

[ii]​ CGA Wine insight 4, 2021

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