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Beer Piper launches beer-saving calculator

By Gary Lloyd

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Beer Piper tips and online tool to work out beer waste

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Beer line cleaning business Beer Piper has launched an online calculator to help publicans save money and offered six tips to help keep money in licensees’ pockets.

The simple-to-use tool calculates how much beer can possibly be saved every week, which is offset against the cost of installing and running the system. It then provides the theoretical maximum cost saving totals per week and per annum.

Beer Piper’s Jeff Singer said: “The cost-of-living crisis, especially the cost of energy bills, is adversely affecting Britain’s hospitality industry and – as an integral part of that industry – we wanted to demonstrate clearly that installing systems can contribute to the bottom line and produce a yield on your draught sales in excess of 100%.”

Potential £3.8k saving

Piper claimed an ‘average UK pub’ with a total of 10 taps that each holds two pints in its lines, with pints priced at the national average of £4.09, would potentially be able to save more than £3,800 per year by installing Beer Piper’s most recent BP4 system, which enables you to sell the beer in the lines as you are cleaning them, saving a lot of beer waste.

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He also gave six tips to save money at your pub. These are:

  1. Install a high-tech beer line cleaning system - advanced beer line cleaning systems will clean draught lines to a high standard, guarantee perfect pints, increase staff productivity, save beer and save money
  2. Keep line coolers well maintained - if not properly maintained, the heat produced by coolers can increase running costs. Where possible, move all remote coolers outside the beer cellar because they emit heat from their condenser systems
  3. Check your cellar cooling fans - keep fans well maintained. To avoid costly replacements or increased running costs, periodically check fan blades and grills are clean and not blocked because blocked grills can increase running costs by up to 40%
  4. Insulate your cellar - you may need to install thermal insulation PVC strip curtains and draught stripping. If heating pipes pass through cellars, these and their fittings must be insulated and draught stripping applied in places where pipes pass through walls. Additionally, beer cellar doors and hatches should also be draught-proofed and insulated
  5. Keep doors shut - if cellar doors are left open, cold air escapes and warm air enters. This can cause excess frost on the evaporators that the defrost mechanisms cannot cope with and manual defrosts may be required which involves switching machinery off for 24 hours
  6. Train staff in the art of pint pulling - avoid unnecessary wastage by taking the time to train staff in the art of pulling the perfect pint, with minimum wastage.

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