Property law

Fresh cheese: the revamped site will show a range of sports including Premiership and Champions League football

Stonegate invests £250,000 to revamp Cheshire Cheese pub

By Fred A'Court

A £250,000 refurbishment has given the Cheshire Cheese near Tower Hill in London a new lease of life, with updated decor, new fittings and the latest technology for screening sports TV while rich wood furniture surroundings and mirrors retain the traditional...

Steampunks: street theatre builds excitement around The Alchemist's new opening

£1.5m Alchemist site to open in Oxford

By Nicholas Robinson

Bar and restaurant group The Alchemist has pumped £1.5m into the opening of a new shopping centre bar in Oxford, creating 75 new jobs.

Fleurets' Sutcliffe: some rents are jumping to where we thought headline rents were maybe four to five years ago

Property: Average free of tie leases up as much as 22%

By Michelle Perrett

Rising rents, signs the London market has reached a tipping point, and the effects of Brexit, the national living wage and the new rating system are all covered in Fleurets’ annual rental survey.

Lease renewal: procedures should not be embarked on without the benefit of professional advice

Property advice: Give lease a chance

By Michelle Perrett

Lease renewals are a vital part of a publican’s business development, but procedures under the Landlord and Tenant Act are fraught with potential problems and shouldn’t be embarked on without the benefit of professional advice.

Confusing elements: controversy has stalked the pubs code at every stage

Spotlight: When is MRO not MRO?

By Michelle Perrett

Controversy has stalked the pubs code at every stage. But one of the most confusing elements is licensees’ access to the market-rent-only (MRO) option. Here, we look at how this part of the legislation is progressing, or not, in some cases.

Key factors: It is crucial to get it right first time when deciding on tenancy or lease

Which is best, a tenancy or a lease?

By Michelle Perrett

Your knowledge of the pub business and how much money you have to spend are key factors in deciding whether you come into the trade on a tenancy, lease or a freehold. It is crucial to get it right first time