Pub Skills: how pubs can add to bottom line with staff engagement

Video: Pub Skill's speakers discuss challenges for pub employers

By Georgina Townshend

What are the biggest challenges for pub employers, and how can they be overcome? These were among questions addressed by industry experts as part of The Morning Advertiser's Pub Skills event on how employee engagement can add to the bottom line.

Out of office: bunking off is not cool

Bar staff insider: 'flaky' colleagues

By Bar staff insider

While customers can prove tricky in themselves, colleagues can also be a thorn in one’s side. Here’s some advice for those ones who are, let’s say, flakey. 

Step too far: can pubs ask women to wear bras?

Do pub staff have to wear underwear?

By Georgina Townshend

Pubs are entitled to have dress codes in place and can expect their staff to look smart and professional at all times. But, how far can the stipulations go?

Employee retention: How to keep your best staff

Pub Skills: retain your best staff

By Jo Faragher

Recruitment is a perennial problem for pub employers. But what if your staff wanted to stay, the good ones at least. Improving your employee retention with career growth, training and seasonal worker support is a sure-fire way to reduce your hiring burden.

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