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Whiting & Hammond have installed gazebos from Crown Pavilions in their sites


Making your beer garden a winter wonderland

By Liam Coleman

Since the smoking ban almost a decade ago, beer gardens often seem like an afterthought. The result is they are well populated in summer but, can be a depressing loss in trade in the winter months. Here are three pubs that have converted their outside...

Spot the difference on the likely dilapidations bill

MA Property

How to avoid a dilapidations disaster

By Kevin Marsh, director of licensed leisure at Savills

A dilapidations bill can be a crippling expense at the end of a tenancy. Can that expense be avoided by something as simple as keeping the pub in a good state of repair?

TripAdvisor: point of contention for countless operators


TripAdvisor: who gives a hoot?

By Daniel Woolfson

TripAdvisor: love it or hate it, if you work in hospitality, you’ve got an opinion. And the chances are it's a strong one.

How to win the recruitment war


How to win the recruitment war

By Greg Pitcher

Music festivals, YouTube videos, Snapchat clips and celebrity endorsements could all be weapons in the pub sector’s armoury as it fights the war for talent.

Water market open to competition from April 2017


How to prepare for the change in water law

By Liam Coleman

There’s water, water everywhere in the pub, used for nigh on everything. At the same time, it’s something that’s not usually much thought about. It’s taken for granted that H2O is just there, on tap when needed. 

learning from mistakes in business

Learning from Mistakes

How I Learnt from My Mistakes

By Sara Hussein

It’s never easy to admit you’ve made a mistake, but while people do feel stigmatised, fear of failure can often lead deeper ramifications. Here is some advice on why mistakes can often be a blessing in disguise.

Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

Professional services

Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

By Fiona McLelland

As a pub owner, you want to get on with what you do best... running your pub. You don’t want to worry about paperwork and licensing laws, or struggling to keep on top of the books. We take a look at how professional service providers can help take the...

BII winners 2016 rashleigh arms

My Pub

My Pub: The Rashleigh Arms, Charlestown, Cornwall

By Sara Hussein

After winning Licensee of the Year at the 2016 British Institute of Innkeeping Awards, Rob and Lucy Brewer discuss the secret to their success and how far they’ve come since they first entered the site 10 years ago

Hospitality apprenticeships


Pubcos offer A-level graduates alternatives to university

By Sara Hussein

After students received their A level results last Thursday (18 Aug), 424,000 university places have been offered to those who achieved the right grades. But for those who wish to enter the hospitality industry there are alternatives to university.

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