Menu Ideas

How big is fish on your menu?


How to get your fish dishes right

By Michelle Perrett

The British public may be more than a little conservative when preparing their own food, but it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to eating out. As Michelle Perrett discovers, consumers of food in pubs are increasingly adventurous, with fish...

Gluten-free food can bring a whole new stream of revenue

Gluten-free Report

10 things you need to know about serving gluten-free food in pubs

By Daniel Woolfson and Nicholas Robinson

Gluten-free food is one of the most enduring food trends to hit the UK's eating-out sector this century, but what do you need to know to implement it in your pub? Here are the Publican's Morning Advertiser's top 10 things you need to know.

Ultimate sport sandwich

Summer of Sport

Feeding the fans

By Nicholas Robinson

You may have a quality food offer that you are rightly proud of, but when the fans are packing your pub — and if you’ve got your offer right, they most certainly will do this summer — you’re going to need fare of a different kind, and finger food is just...

Bring the best of the nation's sports bars into your pub

Summer of Sport

How to run a sports bar: learning from the leaders

By Michelle Perrett

Getting your food and drink offer right during this summer’s big sporting events could mean bumper profits. Michelle Perrett talks to some top sports bar operators to discover more

How to cook a perfect Scotch egg


How to make the perfect pub Scotch egg

By Daniel Woolfson

Daniel Woolfson learns how to create the Scotch egg served at the Michelin star-winning Galvin Brothers’ first pub HOP, in London’s Spitalfields, from head chef Jack Boast.

Spicy lamb kebabs

Menu ideas

Spicy lamb kebabs

By Nicholas Robinson

The explosion of premium kebabs on pub and casual dining menus hasn't gone unnoticed and is a dish publicans can cash in on over the busy summer.

Prawn and chorizo risotto

Risotto Report

Rice and easy: how to boost your pub menu margins with risotto

By Nicholas Robinson

Risotto may not be at the top of chefs’ agendas but, when it is available on pub menus, there are many reasons for it to sell well, including its gluten-free and healthy qualities, and the potential for big profits. Nicholas Robinson reports

Six risotto recipes to try in your pub

Risotto Report

Profit-raising risotto recipes

By Nicholas Robinson

Risotto can be a quick, easy and high-GP pub food for busy chefs, as highlighted in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s recent risotto report. While the dish may be simple to prepare, inspiration doesn’t come so easily, so here are six recipes to try

Step-by-step: Making the perfect risotto

Risotto report

Video masterclass: Make the best risotto

By Nicholas Robinson

Getting a risotto right on a pub food menu is easier than it at first may seem, according to Italian Embassy head chef Danilo Cortellini in this exclusive video masterclass.

How to make this stunning gastropub fish dish

Dish deconstructed

How to make a stunning gastropub fish dish

By Daniel Woolfson

Daniel Woolfson gets the lowdown on how to create this delicious fish dish from Elliot Lidstone, head chef at Top 50 Gastropubs number 32, the Empress in Hackney.

Patatas Bravas

Menu ideas

Patatas Bravas

By Nicholas Robinson

Spanish Patatas Bravas is quick, easy-to-make tasty food for hungry punters.

Boost pub food profits with chips

Chips: sure fry way to boost gross profit

By Nicholas Robinson

There’s more to chips than you might expect and, if potatoes can boost your profits, it’s definitely worth taking note. Nicholas Robinson reports

Beer and chocolate: a match made in heaven?


Beer and chocolate pairing tips for pubs this Easter

By Nicholas Robinson

Beer and chocolate is a match made in heaven and one that pubs could take advantage of this Easter, according to those taking part in a pairing masterclass held by the women in beer group Dea Latis.

Which cocktails could go with the latest food trends?

Cocktail and food pairing

Cocktail and food pairing: let the trends meet the drinks

By Nicholas Robinson

There is an untapped £100m spirits opportunity for casual-dining operators, which food-led pubs can take advantage of by pairing cocktails with dishes on their menus, according to spirits giant Diageo.

Find out which of JDW's dishes are vegan below

Menu ideas

Wetherspoon’s ‘vegan menu’ praised by PETA

By Nicholas Robinson

JD Wetherspoon's (JDW) decision to highlight vegetarian and vegan dishes on a separate menu in each of its 900+ sites has been praised by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Does the Sunday roast still have legs in your pub? Let us know by taking our poll below

News analysis

Is this the end of the Sunday roast?

By Nicholas Robinson

The decision by managed pub chain giant JD Wetherspoon to axe the Sunday roast has sent shock waves through the trade. Nicholas Robinson finds out if the reverberations will hit other pubs too

Bidvest Foodservice chief executive officer Andrew Selley

Bidvest Foodservice snaps up Caterfood

By Nicholas Robinson

Bidvest Foodservice has acquired the south-west-based distributor Caterfood in a bid to strengthen its reach, after the Publican’s Morning Advertiser (PMA) revealed the company's plans to continue its expansion.

What pies will you be making to celebrate British Pie Week?

Pie Report

10 facts to help boost your pub’s pie sales

By Nicholas Robinson

With British Pie Week just around the corner, it’s time to swat up on your pie knowledge to help boost the quality of your offer. Here are our top 10 tips to the best pub pies

Casual Dining show, some of the best bits

New Products

What’s new in casual dining?

By Nicholas Robinson

Boosting kitchen profitability was a major theme at this year's Casual Dining show and many suppliers aimed to please with a vast line-up of interesting new products. Here we've selected a few of the ones that stood out for us.

Lots of positives for pubs and casual dining

Casual Dining

Pubs' casual dining growth bubble could be burst by Burger King's beer

By Nicholas Robinson

Three pub chains are providing a considerable boost to the massive growth of the UK’s casual-dining scene, but should be wary of increased competition – including Burger King’s beer offer – warns Horizons managing director Peter Backman.

Getting nutty: Edgar's Choice was made just for pubs

Bar snacks

New nuts brand just for pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Founders of the new premium snack firm Edgar's Choice, which has been developed specially for the pub trade, are aiming to get their products into 1,000 pubs within a year. Nicholas Robinson finds out if it's a good idea or just nuts.

Sponsored by Galbani

Content sponsored by the authentic Italian cheese firm Galbani.

Sponsored - How pizza can boost your pub’s food sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Pizzas are an easy-to-make and great-tasting option for your menu, and you can capitalise on the recent boom for the Italian food. Nicholas Robinson reports

British pork could be a thing of the past unless imports are reduced


British pork could vanish from pub menus

By Nicholas Robinson

Home-grown pork could disappear from UK pub menus if the trade, as well as the wider food sector, doesn’t stop buying imports, pig big wigs have warned.

How to make pizza

Sponsored: Pizza Report

Sponsored - VIDEO: A masterclass in pizza making

By Nicholas Robinson

Pizza is quickly becoming a popular dish in pubs as more operators turn to the quick, easy and tasty food to entice new customers into their businesses. Watch this video to see how the masters create delicious pizzas.

What's new in pub desserts?

Dessert Report

Nine things you need to know about desserts in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers are pickier than ever, especially when it comes to foods that are perceived to be bad for health and the waistline. Here are nine things you need to know to put a succesful dessert offer on in your pub.

10 ways to start your own pizza offer

Sponsored: Pizza Report

Sponsored - 10 tips to a successful pizza offer in your pub

By Nicholas Robinson

Italian classics have been a big part of the UK’s food scene for decades, but now more pubs are beginning to cash in on pizzas with rising success. Here are 10 things you should consider before launching your offer.

Demand for meat-free food is on the up and is going to continue to rise

What’s next for vegetarian food in pubs?

By Nicholas Robinson

More people are considering meat-free dishes when they eat out and want to see more choice on the menu. Michelle Perrett unearths a potential new order

Steak and stout pie part of Bidvest's premium ready-prepared offer


Bidvest relaunches own brand after name change

By Nicholas Robinson

Foodservice giant Bidvest has relaunched its own brand portfolio of food, drink and non-food products, less than a year after the hospitality supplier changed its name.

Beefeater urges Brits to shun turkey for steak at Christmas


Brits urged to shun turkey for steak at Xmas

By Daniel Woolfson

Whitbread pub restaurant chain Beefeater has launched a new campaign urging diners to choose steak dishes instead of traditional turkey-based meals this festive season.

All day dining in pubs

All day dining boosts pub food sales

By Nicholas Robinson

As consumers become increasingly demanding and more inclined to turn their backs on traditional mealtimes, pubs need to change tack to keep pace. Nicholas Robinson reports on an All Day Dining Event that looked in detail at this trend

Christmas food and beer pairings guide

How to match beers with your festive food offer

By Daniel Woolfson

The Christmas rush is getting into full swing: kitchens are pumping out roast potatoes faster than machine gun fire and the sector’s chefs are most likely already bored to death of prepping winter veg. 

The conference was followed by a London study tour

ALMR conference

How to gain investor interest in your business

By Nicholas Robinson

The ALMR conference drew wise words from sector dignitaries — with advice to those seeking investment in the future. Nicholas Robinson reports

Profit by putting food on board


Profit by putting food on board

By Poppleston Allen

You might now be thinking about your business plans for the new year, and what you could do to differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

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