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We're stuffed: Avian flue wreaks havoc for turkey farmers (Getty/ Monty Rakusen)

Avian flu means turkey prices could soar

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Turkeys are expected to rocket in price as avian flu forcers farmers to cull livestock and freeze birds for the festive season.

Going Green: Consumers want to make sustainable decisions when dining out (Getty/ FG Trade Latin)

Brits want sustainability when dining out

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Brits want to make more sustainable choices when eating or drinking out, but according to new research, two-thirds of UK consumers are not able to.

Food trends: Sustainability, cost-efficiency and social media are key to your winter menu


FEATURE: What’s on the menu for food trends?

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Christmas is round the corner. But with a cost-of-living crisis squeezing budgets, there’s little room for festive cheer with 40% of consumers dining out less frequently than usual. Operators can make sure their pub is the place to celebrate this winter...

Enormous cliff edge: food inflation made biggest upward contribution to rising inflation in September (Credit: Getty/	fcafotodigital)

Inflation leaving sector on 'cliff edge'

By Rebecca Weller

Soaring food inflation has left many hospitality businesses facing a “cliffs-edge” as food costs push inflation up 10.1% in the 12 months to September 2022.

Strike action: Disputes over pay could cause Christmas chaos for drink firms (Getty/ Luis Alvarez)

BrewDog packaging firm faces strike action

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Some of Britain’s best-known drink brands, including BrewDog, Pepsico and Diageo, face Christmas logistics problems as DS Smith workers vote over industrial action.

Adaptation advantage: the versatility of pizza means the dish can be easily innovated (image: Getty/	Maren Caruso)

2023 food and drink trends revealed

By Nikkie Thatcher

A nod to the past, ongoing consideration of sustainability and overseas inspiration are just three of the food and drinks trends operators should consider, research has found.

Rising inflation: Climbing fruit and veg costs put pressure on operators (Getty/ Thomas Barwick)

Fruit & veg prices soar by 35%

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

September seasonal fruit and vegetable prices have climbed by 35% versus the like-for-like period in 2019, adding to the “dangerous cocktail” of soaring costs threatening the sector.

 Low price: the menu is available throughout the week days for four hours a day

NWTC unveils lunch under £10

By Nikkie Thatcher

New World Trading Company (NWTC) has launched a low-cost lunch menu in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

Horrific timing: calorie labelling added extra pressure to the sector (Pictured left to right: Alice Bower, Matt Presinger and Paul Dickinson at MA Leaders event on Thursday 15 September)

Calorie labelling 'horrific timing'

By Rebecca Weller

Calorie labelling had “horrific timing” and added pressure to the sector at a time it was already facing multiple burden’s, according to industry leaders.

Company news: the deal is the latest in a series of acquisitions for McCain Foods (image: Getty/10'000 Hours)

McCain Foods acquires Scelta Products

By The Morning Advertiser

Manufacturing business McCain Foods has bought Netherlands-based frozen foods producers Scelta Products for an undisclosed sum.

Potential to grow: more than a quarter of consumers placed fish and chips in their top three dishes when eating out (Credit: Getty/Stela Vulpe)

Fish and chips nation's favourite pub meal

By Rebecca Weller

Fish and chips has been crowned Britain’s favourite pub and bar meal with more than a quarter of consumers listing it as one of their top three dishes when eating out, new data from CGA by Nielsen IQ has revealed.

Right time: Leeds pub forced to close kitchen amid soaring energy costs (Credit:Getty/Lebazele)

Pub forced to close kitchen due to energy costs

By Rebecca Weller

A Leeds-based pub has been forced into "tough decision" to make chef redundant and close its kitchen in an effort to “save the rest of the pub” due to rocketing energy costs.

'Ludicrous' energy quotes: chef Tom Kerridge (pictured) warns hospitality businesses may be forced to

Kerridge warns sector could "mothball"

By Rebecca Weller

Many hospitality businesses have considered closing during the winter months following “ludicrous” energy quotes, chef and business owner Tom Kerridge has said.

Ongoing shift in buying habits: delivery and takeaway sales double pre-covid levels but down year-on-year (Credit: Getty/Dimensions)

Delivery and takeaway sales double pre-covid levels

By Rebecca Weller

Restaurant and pub groups’ delivery and takeaway sales have doubled compared with pre-covid levels but drop year-on-year, the latest CGA Hospitality at Home Tracker has revealed.

Mounting cost pressures: food inflation hit its highest level in 14 years during August (Credit: Getty/carlosgaw)

Food inflation hits 9.3%

By Rebecca Weller

Food inflation soared to its highest level in 14 years during August as pubs continue to “feel the squeeze from every angle”.

Skyrocketing prices: Energy bills at Kendal inn set to soar (Getty/ image source)

Historic inn’s energy bill set to soar by £80k

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

A South Lakeland inn, whose annual energy bill is set to rise by £80,000, is bracing for “long-term problems” at the operator says he will do all he can to protect staff’s jobs.

Desperate times: Operators share how they are saving energy as electricity bills skyrocket (Getty/ Klaus Vedfelt)

How can pubs save energy?

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Training staff, switching off equipment and turning down fridge temperatures are just a few ways operators are slashing energy use as electricity bills soar.

Plant-based goodness: How to elevate your veggie and vegan dishes (Getty/ Yagi Studio)

How to make your plant-based menu stand out

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Award-winning chefs have shared their top tips for creating a vegetarian and vegan menu, after research revealed almost half of UK adults were considering cutting down their intake of animal products.

Work-related stress: Burnt Chef Project announces new guide to help employers tackle stress in the work-place

Burnt Chef Project releases new guide

By Rebecca Weller

The Burnt Chef Project has released a new Work-Related Stress Guide, designed to provide insight to employers and leaders on how they can start to strategically tackle stress within their place of work.

New appointment: Simon Bonwick (pictured) has been confirmed to be taking over the kitchen at the Princess of Shoreditch from the end of August

Simon Bonwick to join Princess of Shoreditch

By Rebecca Weller

Michelin-starred chef Simon Bonwick has been confirmed to be joining Noble Inns site the Princess of Shoreditch in East London as head chef at the end of August.

Rising costs: business leaders are also planning to increase menu prices by a further 6% over the next 12 months, according to the CGA and Fourth survey (image: Getty/NatashaPhoto)

Firms push up menu prices by 9%

By Nikkie Thatcher

Business leaders have increased prices by 9% on average over the past 12 months with plans to hike them by a further 6% in the next year, research has found.

Consumer data: Brits are looking to reduce spending in pubs, bars and restaurants according to research from Barclaycard (image: Getty/Hispanolistic)

Consumers looking to cut spending at pubs

By Nikkie Thatcher

British consumers are looking to spend less on social occasions at pubs, bars and restaurants as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, research has found.

Foodservice inflation: rates reach double-digit percentage for fifth consecutive month (Credit: Getty/neiljlangan)

Drought 'latest in long line of global food supply threats'

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation in the foodservice sector rocketed to 11.5% in June in the fifth consecutive month of double-digit percentage inflation with drought outside of the UK posing the latest threat to supply, the latest edition of the CGA Prestige Foodservice Index...

What's in the news 5 August

Review of the Week

Tom Kerridge: It's a very bumpy road ahead

By Nikkie Thatcher

With inflation dominating the headlines, celebrity chef and pub operator Tom Kerridge has his say on this week's news with The Morning Advertiser's Nikkie Thatcher.

Warning: supply of poultry will stay tight into 2023 (credit: Getty/Anchiy)

Poultry supplies to remain tight

By Gary Lloyd

Poultry supplies are expected to remain tight as feed and energy prices are expected to stay high into 2023, according to a new report from catering butcher Birtwistles.

Difficult period: BRC warns businesses to prepare for difficult period (Credit: Getty/Luke Chan)

Businesses warned to prepare for 'difficult period'

By Rebecca Weller

Businesses must prepare for a difficult period as fresh food inflation soared to 8% in July 2022, the fastest rate of increase since April 2012, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Hospitality at Home Tracker: CGA and Slerp data reveals restaurant and pub groups’ delivery and takeaway sales plateau after Covid lockdowns (Credit: Getty/10'000 Hours)

Delivery and takeaway sales plateau

By Rebecca Weller

Restaurant and pub groups’ delivery and takeaway sales have continued to plateau after booming during Covid lockdowns, the latest CGA and Slerp Hospitality at Home Tracker has revealed.

Help for Households: businesses urged to sign up for new Gov campaign in bid to tackle inflation (Credit: Getty/sturti)

Gov urges pubs to sign up to cheap meals campaign

By Rebecca Weller

The Government has announced the launch of its Help for Households campaign, urging businesses to offer discounts over the summer holidays in a bid to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Research revealed: Lumina Intelligence's Menu Tracker looks at the prices of dishes across the hospitality sector (image: Getty/Luke Chan)

Average pub dish price up 2.3%

By Nikkie Thatcher

The average cost of a dish on a pub and bar menu has risen by 2.3%, according to data from Lumina Intelligence.

Price hikes: Sector suffers with soaring food costs due to supply chain disruption (Getty/ Henrik Sorensen)

Operators’ food costs soar by up to 40%

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Spiralling costs and supply chain disruption are having a dramatic and unprecedented impact on hospitality operators’ food and drink bills, new research from Fourth has revealed.

Relentless pressure: CGA data shows foodservice sector inflation hit 10% in May (Credit: Getty/Zorica Nastasic)

Inflation in foodservice sector tops 10%

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation in the foodservice sector topped 10% for the fourth successive month in May, the latest edition of the CGA by NielsenIQ and Prestige Foodservice Price Index has revealed.

Ongoing rise: 'All dairy products are seeing high levels of price increase and operators have to expect that to continue,' says Lynx Purchasing boss Rachel Dobson (image: Getty/Adam Gault)

Pubs warned ‘dairy isn’t cheap any more’

By Nikkie Thatcher

Amid reports of a potential dairy shortage, on-trade operators have been urged to shop around when purchasing and make sure they make the most of such goods to ensure their spend is not wasted.

Gen Z driving sector's recovery: 16-24-year-olds spend almost £70 a week in the on trade (Credit: Getty/Henrik Sorensen)

Gen Z spending the most in the on trade

By Rebecca Weller

Those aged 16-24, commonly referred to as Gen Z, have been driving the recovery of the hospitality sector, new research from guest experience platform SevenRooms has revealed.