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Britvic's Profit Zone 2000 scheme has moved forward to meet changes in consumer trends and needs."Right Choice" is the new initiative focusing on...

Britvic's Profit Zone 2000 scheme has moved forward to meet changes in consumer trends and needs.

"Right Choice" is the new initiative focusing on four elements to drive soft drink sales in the on-trade - females, kids, meal occasions and variety & value.

The launch follows extensive research by Britvic showing what today's customers want from soft drinks.

The findings have prompted the launch of a new soft drink targeted at adults - Ruby's - as well as design changes to existing brands.

Profit Zone's mission has been to boost soft drink sales by concentrating on four key areas - upsizing, merchandising, promotions and range of space. Many Britvic customers have reported huge rises as a result.

The four main targets in the Right Choice scheme are:

  • Females: To boost sales to females Britvic is creating a new premium soft drink range which is set to include Ruby's.
  • Kids: Families and pubs go together, says Britvic so investment will be made to make sure that kids are offered decent value-for-money products.
  • Meal Occasion: According to Britvic's research, 76 per cent of meals are ordered with a soft drink and a number of initiatives are underway to make sure that figure doesn't drop.

Variety & Value: Britvic plans to shift people's image of soft drinks away from the dull and boring to the positive, value-for-money option.

Ruby's, which is available from March, is a lightly carbonated cranberry based product which comes in three flavours - raspberry, blueberry and orange. It is designed to be served chilled alone or as a mixer and aims to offer consumers a new choice which will keep them in the pub for longer and ultimately raise profits.

Speaking about the product Andrew Broadhurst, customer marketing controller for on-premise, said: "We understand the need to fulfil the demands of consumers and our customers in a rapidly changing market led by females, the young, the family, the car and food.

"In a climate where soft drink consumption is on the increase and alcohol volume is declining, we have a product that offers adult consumers what they have been asking for."

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