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Following a few simple steps can boost snack sales.Category management has had a high profile in recent months, enabling you to boost your bagged...

Following a few simple steps can boost snack sales.

Category management has had a high profile in recent months, enabling you to boost your bagged snacks' sales in the process. Conscious of how much information has been provided, Golden Wonder has produced this at-a-glance summary as a reference point.

Key issues from each of the five areas covered in Category Management are covered here:

Quality and serve

  • Store bagged snacks in dry cool conditions and avoid direct sunlight and strong odours.
  • Rotate stock and observe best before dates.
  • Ensure product is handled with care as rough handling will ruin the product's appearance.


  • Identify your main consumer and occasion and cater for it.
  • Are you running a family, young person's venue, style bar, high street, town, traditional, gastro pub, etc?


  • Know your customers. What are their demographic profiles? Age ranges? Snacking habits?
  • Consider why people are in your pub. For a quiet drink, family meal, big night out, etc and stock up to suit their needs.
  • Make sure your bagged snacks range reflects the total market. Forty per cent crisps, 40 per cent snacks, 20 per cent nuts.

Visibility and merchandising

  • Maximise sales and profits by merchandising your crisps and snacks range.
  • Visibility gives your snacks credibility.
  • If you have more than one bar in your outlet you may well need more than one type of snacks display.
  • Make an impact, display your whole range together.

Promotions and pricing

  • A well-run promotion will generally increase your volume by 12 per cent.
  • Consider dual product promotions.
  • Themed promotions are fun and will encourage new and repeat purchase.
  • Display and advertise your promotion. People will generally be reluctant to ask for details, so keep it simple.
  • Over pricing inhibits rate of sale.
  • Do not be afraid to price premium products at a premium price.

You can benefit from category management

Golden Wonder's category management advice has had one clear objective: to help you boost bagged snacks' sales in your outlet.

Research and data gathered by Golden Wonder suggests that applying the basic category management principles can increase sales by up to 20 per cent. Applying all the advice offered in recent months could lead to much bigger increases.

Whilst the growth of your snacks business is influenced by many factors, applying the Category Management guidelines is the most effective way to increase sales.

People will always want to snack in a pub environment. You can now make the most of this opportunity by marketing bagged snacks in the best possible way.


Call the hotline​For more information on how Golden Wonder can help to increase your bagged snacks' sales, call Gary White and his licensed trade team on 01858 414319

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