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A quiet week for City news in the Sunday press, but still plenty of headlines on the issues affecting the trade.A new drink-drive ad campaign will...

A quiet week for City news in the Sunday press, but still plenty of headlines on the issues affecting the trade.

A new drink-drive ad campaign will kick off this week to cash in on Euro 2004, emphasising that accidents are caused as much in bars as they are behind the wheel. It features two football fans in a bar, who have one more pint while flirting with a young woman - before their table ploughs into her - Sunday Express

New red tape worries, as frustration at the cost and regulation involved in a share listing is prompting smaller firms to quit the Stock Exchange, according to the Bank of England - Mail on Sunday

The Government is trying to sidestep the flak over raising or scrapping the UK retirement age of 65 by placing responsibility at the door of the EU, which has issued an employment directive outlawing discrimination against older workers - The Business

David Blunkett, who has been widely criticised as Home Secretary for refusing to take tough action against violent animal rights activists - some of whom have targeted pubs and pub operators - is a supporter of leading anti-vivisection charity the Humane Research Trust - Sunday Telegraph

Greek police are investigating claims that British women were unknowingly served 'bombes' - a lethal mix of cheap spirits and pure alcohol - before they took part in 'mass orgies' on boat trips off the coast of Cyprus - The Observer

Sky is increasing domestic subscription prices again this year despite having introduced an inflation-busting hike in January. Analysts said Sky had to raise prices so it could hit its target of raising £400 annually from each subscriber by the end of 2005. The latest hike will raise an estimated extra £50m a year. Independent on Sunday

Sir Graeme Catto, president of the General Medical Council is calling for surgeons to be routinely breathalysed and tested for drugs before they are allowed to perform, A report, to be published next month, shows an alarming rise in the number of doctors disciplined for drink and drug problems - Sunday Times

Better known for their love of stout and whiskey, Irish drinkers can look forward to cheaper wine as bumper grape harvests in the new world and aggressive tactics from discount supermarkets combine to drive down prices. The volume of wine sold in Ireland grew by 8 per cent last year but the actual value of the market fell by 5 per cent as consumers took advantage of increased competition - Sunday Times (Irish edition)

Police are demanding a U-turn over the softening of the law on cannabis, claiming it has brought a 'sense of lawlessness' to the streets as smokers flaunt their habit. Officers say more people are openly taking and selling cannabis in public, with calculated attempts to provoke retaliation, according to Jan Berry, chair of the Police Federation - The Observer

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