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No one dares to criticise CAMRA - Matt Jackson of the Water Witch in Lancaster invites discussion.I feel obliged as a proactive member of the...

No one dares to criticise CAMRA - Matt Jackson of the Water Witch in Lancaster invites discussion.

I feel obliged as a proactive member of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to air my feelings and hopefully create some debate on issues that the industry hides from - for fear of reprisal.

It is time that this industry was honest with CAMRA. This will help it develop for the 21st century into a representative consumer organisation, rather than a body lacking in direction.

CAMRA is an organisation that is respected throughout the industry, yet there are many adverse feelings towards its attitudes and behaviour that need addressing.

The underlying problem remains that nobody dares to raise issues, or criticise. CAMRA is a representative body that should be looking at all aspects of its work. Is CAMRA representative of its members? Can it allow other opinions? The only way for any organisation to improve is to listen to people and take on board the comments and remember who they are working, marketing and campaigning for.

While trade individuals respect the work achieved historically - we would probably not be in employment if it were not for CAMRA - there are not many that speak highly of their current agendas, policies and behaviour behind closed doors.

When was the last positive campaign? Now they are campaigning for the super breweries to keep brewing big brands, even though they are never consumed by CAMRA members, even during a press event.

I can assure CAMRA that all the respect it has earned is in the balance thanks to the animosity it generates. Yet, in its defence, nobody says where and why they are going wrong. No brewer in their right mind would publicly criticise it.

We all want CAMRA to be there for us, the trade, the breweries and the publicans. It should use us, listen to us and react accordingly.

But I have a message for the trade. Have the courage to voice an opinion. Don't just criticise, especially if you are a CAMRA member. You are in the trade and have a duty to do something about it.

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