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PubChef's guide to what's in season in February

Halibut - This large flat fish lives in the deep,cold waters of the Atlantic and can reach 2.5m long and weigh up to 350kg. Halibut is sold as steak or fillet pieces and is a lean, white meat. It needs careful cooking to prevent the meat drying out and should be pan-fried in olive oil or poached wrapped in foil.

Mussels - The European mussel grows in the waters of the Atlantic, English Channel and North Sea. The species has a characteristic thin rectangular shell and is dark blue in colour. If you are collecting mussels from the wild, take care to avoid polluted water, as shellfish are renowned for their ability to absorb toxins.Mussels are traditionally served in simple creamy sauces. Shellfish should be eaten within three days of picking and discarded if the shell remains closed after cooking.

Cabbage - Grown in Europe for more than 4,000 years, cabbage is one of the oldest known vegetables. Cultivation and selection have produced several colours, including white, green and red, as well as varieties such as Savoy and family relations like broccoli and cauliflower. The vegetable is rich in vitamin C and is best steaming or stir-fried. It is traditionally used as a serving vegetable, garnish or in soup.

Guinea fowl - A heavy, rounded bird that originates from West Africa, guinea fowl has a rich game taste. Birds are bred year round and (if from France) should feature a red label guaranteeing their origin. Young Guinea fowl are tender and succulent and should be roasted in a similar style to game birds or chicken. Adults have a firmer flesh and must be basted, barded or larded to keep the meat moist. Guinea fowl is ideal for casseroling.

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