Battle of the BBqs - The Finalists

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Four finalists and their recipes


NAME: Sean Hope

PUB: Olive Branch, Clipsham, Rutland

THE DISH: 6oz tuna burger with tomato and avocado salsa (£7.95)

ON THE BBQ MENU: Olive Branch beef, Stilton and 8oz foie gras burger (£8.95); Swordfish, asparagus, tomato and avocado salsa (£9.25); Teriyaki salmon fillets and Asian coleslaw (£9.95)

BBQ TIP: Make sure you source fresh ingredients. You must have flair and organisation.

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Blue-fin tuna loin (6oz), coriander, yoghurt, tomatoes, avocado, fresh burger bap, crispy vegetables, saffron, quails eggs, shallots and mixed leaves

METHOD: The fresh minced blue-fin tuna loin is cooked pink, slightly spiced and scented with coriander. It is served with a fresh salsa of yoghurt and tomato avocado, in a fresh burger bap from local baker Askers. The baker still uses a traditional coal fired oven. Also serve with a mixed summer salad of mixed leaves, shallots, quails eggs, crispy vegetables, picked soft herbs, and with a saffron and herb dressing.

NB: The Olive Branch is one of the six UK pubs that hold a Michelin star.

NAME: Graham Smith

PUB: Bear Inn, Hotwells, Bristol

THE DISH: Stuffed rainbow trout (£5.95)

ON THE BBQ MENU: Fruity pork loin (£2.95); marinated mince steak burgers (£2.50); sardines with ciabatta (£1.50)

BBQ TIP: Cook the meat and the fish on separate sections of the grill - and remember to wear sun-tan lotion and a hat. Another of Graham's favourite barbecue dishes is spring lamb ciabatta. The lamb is marinated tenderloin of lamb served on a minted ciabatta. Mint sauce is used to flavour the ciabatta.

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: One rainbow trout, a wedge of peach, a wedge of lemon, sprig of thyme, six or seven blueberries, a wedge of inner red onion, a plum, three sheets of newspaper, mixed leaves, ciabatta and olive oil

METHOD: Clean and gut the trout, then arrange the stuffing ingredients in the colour order of the rainbow and put them in the trout. Wrap the trout in newspaper and soak in cold water. Place the trout on the barbecue and cook until the paper is dry. Unwrap the newspaper carefully to leave you with a clear, colourful trout stuffed with a sweet-and-sour filling.

NB: Graham is a self-taught chef who says he has a passion for BBQing and likes to create exciting, new BBQ dishes.


NAME: Graham Butler

PUB: the Baskerville, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

THE DISH: Home-made chicken sausage stuffed with brie

ON THE BBQ MENU: Beef and chicken kebabs marinated in Thai spices (£10.50); half pound pure beef burger (£9.50); seared loin of tuna (£12); skewer of prawns with Marie Rose dip (£7); vegetable kebab (£7.50)

BBQ TIP: Take care in building and presenting the perfect barbecue. Use proper refrigeration to hold the meat and salad, and display a good choice of dishes - plus lots of interesting specials.

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, home-made breadcrumbs, one egg yolk, fresh thyme, fresh sage and brie

METHOD: Coarsely mince the chicken breast. Add chopped sun-dried tomatoes, home-made breadcrumbs, one egg yolk, fresh thyme and sage seasoning. Mix well, and lay on top a piece of Clingfilm. Pat it out into a square and add brie to the centre. Pull edges of the Clingfilm towards you, creating a roll with the brie in the middle. Twist the clingfilm tightly at both edges. Poach the wrapped sausages, and once cooked, allow to cool. Finish on the barbecue with a tomato and thyme marinade.

NAME: David Wharton

PUB: Royal Oak, Poynings, West Sussex

THE DISH: Poynings Grange best end of lamb, stuffed with honey and apples, game sausage, grilled aubergine and cherry tomatoes, and gooseberry relish (£11)

ON THE BBQ MENU: Beef burger with mature Cheddar, tomato and relish (£8); tuna loin steak, marinated with lime, garlic and coriander (£9)

BBQ TIP: Imaginative marinades.

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Best end of lamb, apple, honey, aubergine, garlic & rosemary oil, a few sprigs of rosemary, olive oil, vine tomatoes, game sausages and gooseberry chutney

METHOD: Cut circular shapes from the apple using a pasty cutter and coat in honey. Make a hole through the centre of the lamb and insert the apple. Cut 1-inch-thick slices of aubergine and leave to marinate in garlic and rosemary oil for 10 minutes, then skewer with rosemary. Rub tomatoes with olive oil and season well. Rub lamb with honey, season and place on barbecue with game sausages. Turn the lamb so it cooks on all sides until it is reasonably firm, then set it aside and let it rest for five minutes. Grill aubergine and tomatoes and stack on a plate with a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Slice lamb and serve with sausage and gooseberry relish.

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