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Accelerated cooking times Merrychef's latest innovation in accelerated cooking technology is the Merrychef 402S, a single compact unit that delivers...

Accelerated cooking times

Merrychef's latest innovation in accelerated cooking technology is the Merrychef 402S, a single compact unit that delivers high-quality cooked foods at speeds 10 to 15 times faster than conventional ovens.

The unique combination of convection heat, impingement pressure and electromagnetic energy allows typical cook times from 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds, while a built-in catalytic converter eliminates the need for a ventilation hood so the oven can operate in virtually any environment.

Merrychef managing director Graham Veal says: "The Merrychef 402S can rapidly produce high-quality menu items that include hot toasted sandwiches, salmon fillets, and full English breakfasts."

The 402S comes with the trademark Merrychef MenuKey technology as standard. Precise instructions for combination and convection cooking of selected items may be programmed into the oven's memory. The oven controls offer even greater flexibility with multi-stage programming. Each programme offers up to eight stages, with their own time, fan speed and microwave power settings.

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Compact but still roomy

Rational's SelfCooking Center models take up less kitchen room than a conventional combi, being up to 28% smaller than their predecessors, yet having the same interior space.

Rational can save space in other ways, too. The company says you can save up to 30% of kitchen area, by replacing other conventional appliances with a SelfCooking Center. No need for separate ovens, ranges, tilt-pans, boiling pans, steamers, deep-fryers, rotisseries, pizza ovens, or even a toaster. A single SelfCooking Center does the work of all of them, in a fraction of the space. The compact size of the SelfCooking Center has an added safety benefit, too: it is designed with a top rack height of only 1.6m, the maximum rack height stipulated by professional and trade associations to provide a safe level for manoeuvring hot cooking containers.

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RH Hall extends its offer

Choose from a range of top brands in RH Hall's new 100-plus page catalogue.

RH Hall sales director Kris Brearley says: "Our national account division can provide a one-stop shop for major companies, groups and franchise organisations looking for a tailored catering equipment solution on a larger scale".

One of the best-selling models is the Blue Seal G50-D, a six-burner oven range, with three rack and five rack positions. RH Hall offers nationwide sales and services on more than 70 leading foodservice brands, including Blue Seal, Electrolux, Mareno, Lincat and Parry.

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Sanyo's micro combi

Valera has launched Sanyo's first commercial combination microwave, the EMCD2900. The machine cooks by microwave and convection and has 50 preset programmes. It offers three distinct cooking modes: microwave and convection, convection, or plain microwave. It's ideal for regenerating bread and pastry-based snacks. The unit also has energy-saving and safety features, including automatic shut down.

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