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Crack down on the ID fakers I refer to the article by Ewan Turney on fake ID card holders (Morning Advertiser, 31 May 2007). Scunthorpe Pubwatch is...

Crack down on the ID fakers

I refer to the article by Ewan Turney on fake ID card holders (Morning Advertiser, 31 May 2007).

Scunthorpe Pubwatch is to be applauded for proposing that underage drinkers attempting to use fake ID be banned from all pubs and clubs for two years after their 18th birthday. I am also pleased that this is being backed by police.

At its annual conference last month delegates agreed that the Guild of Master Victuallers should urge the Government to introduce legislation to make the manufacture and possession of counterfeit identity cards a criminal offence.

This, together with a national proof-of-age and identity card, will go a long way to deterring underage customers.

John Madden

Executive officer,

The Guild of Master Victuallers

Getting ahead of the game

I was interested to read the announcement of a Heineken campaign to get more British drinkers aware of the importance of a good head as a critical factor in the enjoyment of a Continental lager ("Heineken shows its Continental roots" Morning Advertiser, 7 June 2007).

In fact, at Budweiser Budvar we are ahead of them, so to speak, as for several years now we have been offering our customers branded Continental size glasses (0.5l and 0.33l) alongside our standard pint and half pint. Government lined and stamped, they leave the requisite space for the perfect 25ml deep Czech head.

These glasses are

essential to the success of our Budvar "Getting a Head" programme that ensures bar staff all over the country are instructed in pouring the perfect Czech pint.

Tony Perkins

Technical services & quality assurance manager,

Budweiser Budvar UK

Smoking ban under attack

It is interesting to note that Freedom to Choose (F2C) is challenging the legality of the smoking ban.

I am very pleased things have reached this stage.

As I have repeatedly said F2C was never about a complete repeal of the ban; Patricia Hewitt has power under the Act to amend the regulations without recourse to parliament.

It can be demonstrated by sound scientific research that indoor air can be made cleaner than outside air, without the need for bans.

The necessary equipment, contrary to Government claims, even for rooms of up 100sq metres, would be less than £5,000, and for smaller rooms the cost would be in the hundreds. Compare that to the cost of constructing smoking areas.

We've reached the point that the anti smokers said we wouldn't. As I have always said, F2C, under advice, have set the agenda rather than followed others' wishes.

Robert Feal-Martinez

Carpenters Arms Motel, Swindon

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