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I used to work for an old-school licensee who barred anyone who asked for a coffee. "Only students, time-wasters and soap-dodgers come into a pub for...

I used to work for an old-school licensee who barred anyone who asked for a coffee. "Only students, time-wasters and soap-dodgers come into a pub for a hot drink," he'd say. "The greasy spoon by the station can have 'em." Mind you, he didn't much like customers in general.

Things have changed though, and these days even my jumbo jar of instant and economy box of tea-bags doesn't seem to be enough of a choice.

Tetley's Green Tea with Lemon

I've always thought the ideal place for a lemon is in a G&T. Tetley's Green Tea with Lemon sounds quite good, though. It's as hydrating as water, has no fat or calories, and has a high antioxidant count. That seems a lot of hard work for one poor little bag, but who am I to argue? You can get it as part of a speciality starter pack along with Tetley Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Assam and Green Tea Pure. That's almost too much choice for me, I'm easily confused.

0845 606 6328

Bezzera Bistro Compact

I've always had a thing about Italians ever since I saw The Godfather. Unfortunately, the bloke I was with made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I missed the end. It sounded exciting though. Anyway, for a touch of Italian elegance and a non-refusable offer, the new Bezzera Bistro Compact espresso machines come with a value for money introductory package - all supplied with enough free coffee or Espressopots to pay for the machine outright, selling at just £1.50 per cup. The range operates from a standard 13amp socket, features all stainless steel working surfaces and high quality copper boilers, and is finished with Bezzera's striking red side panels.


Jacksons of Piccadilly Sencha Green Teas

More posh tea, this time from Jacksons of Piccadilly. There are three new green teas in the range - Sencha green tea, green tea with lemon, and green tea with mint. Sencha Green Tea offers a subtle, fresh and sweet flavour; sourced from South East China where the climate and rich soil provides unique natural conditions for growing the best quality tea. I'm almost ashamed to add three sugars to it. But only almost.

01264 348181

Byron Bay Strawberry & Clotted Cream Cookies

It's not a cuppa without a biscuit is it? The Strawberry & Clotted Cream Cookie is a limited edition flavour for this summer from the Byron Bay Cookie range from Beyond the Bean. I haven't had anything Australian on the menu since the unfortunate incident with the kangaroo burgers at the rugby club barbecue - talk about bouncing back - but this Australian brand has launched a classically English flavour to celebrate its move to UK production. So that's OK.

0117 953 3522

Marco Filtro Mini Jug

For those times when you won't need that much coffee - I'm thinking specifically here of the WI coffee morning, one cup for decency's sake then they hit the sherry - the new Filtro Mini Jug from Marco Beverage Systems is a small batch filter coffee brewer that prepares coffee directly into a 1.6-litre thermal jug - which means coffee is not left stewing on a hotplate for long periods of time.

01933 666488

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