London mayor Boris Johnson promises more protection for pubs

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The Mayor of London has agreed to list pubs as “community assets” in his planning guidance for councils.

At a meeting among London Assembly members, Boris Johnson was asked to instruct planners that there is “specific mention” of community pubs in his forthcoming Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Assembly Member Steve O’Connell added: “We want specific mention for specific protection of community pubs that are seen as an asset for the local community.”

Johnson replied: “I do completely agree, and I thank you for what you are doing.”

The Mayor also called for City Hall to pay more attention to outer London and the high streets, and he is in favour of saving more pubs.

He said: “Keeping pubs going in local town centres, in high streets, is part of what we are trying to support through the Growing Places Fund, the regeneration funds, and indeed the Outer London Fund, all of which continue to operate.

“I look back over the last four to five years at the stuff we have done, the money we have spent, and I think you could argue the Outer London Fund has been among the most successful and popular things that we have done.

“I think it was high time that City Hall paid more attention to outer London and the high streets, and if we can be more useful in saving more pubs then I am all for it.”

On minimum pricing, the Mayor explained that he believes it is unlikely to work and would much rather see more alcohol saturation zones.

He said: “I would rather see that than some Government-led minimum pricing regime for alcohol that I think is unlikely to work. I think that approach is sensible and indeed I congratulate the work that is being led by the boroughs in stopping underage buying of alcohol in supermarkets; that is also very important.”

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