CAMRA celebrates pub campaign wins

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CAMRA has helped secured campaign wins over the past year
CAMRA has helped secured campaign wins over the past year
Members of the Campaign for Real Ale are being urged to visit their local asset of community value-listed pubs to celebrate Community Pubs Day – a new national event to highlight the 600 pubs that have so far been listed.

The celebration day (23 March) marks new laws to protect ACV-listed pubs in England that will remove permitted development rights, which will come into effect on 6 April.

But the celebrations don’t end there, following the beer tax cut in last week’s Budget and the passing into law of the Small Business Bill, which includes the pubs code and market-rent-only option, this week.

CAMRA chief executive Tim Page said: “Thanks to the efforts of the thousands of CAMRA members who lobbied their local MP, from 6 April when a pub is listed as an ACV in England it will receive full planning protection, ultimately giving communities a say in what happens if the owner wishes to demolish the pub or convert it to another use.

“This is a powerful step towards protecting our valued community pubs. All it takes is a local group or 21 locals to start the process of having a pub listed as an ACV, so let’s push the number of listed pubs from hundreds to thousands.” 


He added: “CAMRA has been campaigning for pub company reform for over 10 years. We are delighted to finally see our campaign come to fruition with changes to the tied system that will be welcomed by thousands of struggling licensees across the country.

“It has been an excellent year for CAMRA with three major campaign wins coming to fruition within a few short weeks. None of these would have been possible without our dedicated 170,000 members who work tirelessly to protect the rights of beer drinkers and pub-goers across the country."

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Where's our Westminster correspondent?

Posted by david,

Any update on the progress of the Bill? I did hear a rumour that the 'Ping Pong' stage had been cleared today and it all now just needs Her Maj's assent to be put on the Statute Books.

I wonder whether our resident parliamentary expert with more parliamentary 'sauces' that Loyd Grossman would care to comment on his countless predictions that no legislation would be forthcoming from this parliament and that MRO couldn't possibly happen.

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Posted by ken nason,

Tough day old chap?

The use of the number 21 was a reflection of the number of people required in the piece apparently you didn't get the humorous use of it, Shame I thought it was quite subtle.

It is crystal clear to those that wish to see other than their own agenda

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Posted by david,

But you didn't say "if more people supported a pub". You said "all it takes is 21 locals to support their local to avoid it being considered for alternate use". I simply wondered what your maths were, and how, for example, you reconcile your view with moves such as Marstons selling 200+ pubs to New River Retail - when I feel sure each and every one had more than 21 customers. So perhaps you reckon an additional 21 customers is the magic deterrent to Pub Cos selling off pubs?

You're not making yourself very clear - again! Or are you just talking bollocks - again?

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