Cider sales in the on-trade are up

By Nicholas Robinson

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The best cider brands in pubs

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Cider volumes and value sales have seen the most growth in the on-trade than the off-trade in the past 12 months, while the average cost of a pint in a pub is three times as much than in a shop, according to Westons in its first cider report.

Although the on-trade has seen healthy growth in sales, consumers are still drinking more of the fermented apple liquid in their homes, said the report, which was released by Westons this week.

Six types of drinking occasions:

  • Upbeat fun
  • Magic moments
  • Discovery occasions
  • Relax and recharge
  • Reliable choices
  • Unwind

The report outlines six types of cider drinkers and six kinds of cider drinking occasions that pubs can tap into (see boxouts).

Although there are many positives statistics within the sector, the report also highlighted some key challenges, which included a stall in volume growth of cider.

It said: “This means that serve-for-serve, cider is facing increasing competition from other drinks categories, notably beer (and within this craft beer), still and sparkling wine (notably prosecco) and cocktails.

“Alcohol consumption – litres per-head – is declining and there is an increase in teetotalism, not least among millennials, who are an important group of potential cider drinkers.”

Despite the negatives, in the 52 weeks to 23 January 2016, consumers spent £1.8 billion on cider and perry on the on-trade, which grew volume b 0.9% and value by 2.7%.

The report continued: “The structure of the on-trade is constantly changing to meet consumer need and cider continues to have relevance to consumers whether in wet-led pubs or eating out.

“Cider has also seen the emergence of a craft sector, which is on trend as consumers seek out authentic beers and ciders to compliment more mainstream brands they have in their repertoires.”

Sales of apple cider, while representing 70% of cider volumes, is declining by 5.7% and fruit cider is up by 34% and accounts for more than a quarter (26%) of cider volume sales.

Cider by segment
Cider by segment

Meanwhile, according to the report, the top five cider brands by segment are…


  1. Strongbow
  2. Thatchers Gold
  3. Strongbow Dark Fruit
  4. Stowford Press
  5. Somersby


  1. Kopparberg Mixed Fruits
  2. Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime
  3. Magners Original
  4. Bulmers No.17 Crushed Red Berries and Lime
  5. Bulmers Original


  1. Westons Old Rosie
  2. Thatchers Dry
  3. Westons Rosie’s Pig
  4. Wyld Wood Organic Cider
  5. Henry Westons Herefordshire Vintage Cider

Six types of cider drinkers:

Engaged Pioneers:
Accounts for 12% of cider drinkers and like to learn about drinks recommend them to others

Trend followers:
17% of ciders drinkers, who like to keep up with the latest trends and look for the famous or well-known brands

Busy socialiser:
7% of cider drinkers. They are female and 56% have an annual income of below £30,000.

Confident routiners:
27% of cider drinkers and they are confident and know what they like to drink

Active balancers:
15% of cider drinkers are mindful about what they drink and eat and are calorie conscious – mostly women

Savvy regulars:
22% of cider drinkers hunt for deal and cider must represent good value for them to buy it

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