Pub puts Trump in urinal

By Nikkie Sutton

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Adelphi, Dublin: Donald Trump urinal
Adelphi, Dublin: Donald Trump urinal
A Dublin pub has decorated its gents' toilet urinal with a picture of US Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The new artwork has been met with approving comments on the Adelphi’s Facebook page and it appears to have gone down well in the pub.

Staff members at the city centre pub told website they haven’t had any complaints about the image yet but would take it down if Trump was elected President.


“If he is elected by the people of the United States, we will take it down immediately because we feel it would then be disrespectful to the American people,” bar manager Tony McCabe told Irish media.

“I just felt that it was a way for some people to express their feelings towards Mr Trump’s views and to make their trip to the bathroom a 'wee' bit more entertaining.”

McCabe told digital media website Mashable: “In our opinion, Mr Trump has preached much hate in his statements. Irish bars are well known for their debates and chatter, and politics plays a big part in those conversations.

“We felt that the only place Mr Trump’s opinion mattered was on the wall of a urinal.”

Social media

A photo of the portrait has been posted on the pub’s Facebook page and has attracted comments from across The Pond.

One comment said: “Greetings from Los Angeles! Love this SO much! Just read about this on FB. We NORMAL folk appreciate the humour… and sympathy.”

The pub asked for suggestions for the ladies’ toilet and responses included Katie Hopkins, Kim Kardashian, Nicola Sturgeon and Irish model and television presenter, Glenda Gilson.

In other areas, preventing people from urinating where they shouldn't can be a difficult task to monitor in and around pubs but Hackney Council in east London introduced a novel idea to help.

The council offered a treatment that had a special coating where urine would bounce back to those who peed on it.

Artwork in pub toilets was also a hot topic earlier this year when photographs of celebrities in underwear​ were stolen from women's toilets at the One Inn The Wood pub in Orpington, Kent.

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