Upset Hindus urge brewery to withdraw ‘offensive’ Ganesh beer branding

By Daniel Woolfson

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Rajan Zed: images of Lord Ganesh not suitable for 'commercial agenda'
Rajan Zed: images of Lord Ganesh not suitable for 'commercial agenda'
Hindus upset by a Belgian brewery’s depiction of the god Ganesh on its beer branding have called for its removal.

They condemned the ‘highly inappropriate’ usage of the deity’s image on the branding for The Musketeers Brewery’s Jack’s Precious IPA, which features Lord Ganesh carrying a chef's knife in one hand, a sausage in the other and wearing the brewery’s trade mark on its head.

Rajan Zed, a Hindu statesman, said usage of the deity or religious symbols for a ‘commercial agenda’ was unacceptable because it would hurt devotees.

Lord Ganesh, being highly revered amongst the religion’s followers, was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines rather than for ‘mercantile greed’, he added. 


A spokesman for The Musketeers Brewery told The Morning Advertiser (MA)​: "We were surprised with the reaction of the Hindus - it was never our intention to abuse the symbol. If they are offended we would like to apologise. 

"Instead of insulting them, it was actually an ode to the Indian elephant as a symbol."

The inspiration for the beer's branding came from the story of an Indian elephant called Jack who was sadly killed after the closing of Ghent zoo in the early 20th century and turned into sausages, he explained.


"It's a true story and the beer was an ode to him. Ganesh as a symbol represents the Indian elephant and that's why we chose it, it was never to offend them."

The brewery had not yet been contacted by any of the offended parties, but was eager to create a dialogue, he said.

"We would like them to contact us. Then we will see what happens - of course we are open to getting to know their arguments."

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