Music in pubs is a "humungous matter" says branding expert

By Aidan Keane

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Music: branding expert Aidan Keane reveals tips for a pub's soundtrack
Music: branding expert Aidan Keane reveals tips for a pub's soundtrack

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Aidan Keane of Keane Brands, which designs restaurants, bars and clubs, gives us his opinion on the need for music.

Have you ever tried to watch a film without music? A tense moment, a romantic snog or a full-on Jason Bourne action chase. No matter the moment, every director knows that music maketh a movie.

It takes us, the viewers, into the scene, tells us when to swoon, to jump or to reach for the arm rests.

Everyone knows a particular piece of music can transport us immediately back to a special or significant life event. It frames memories in our minds forever.

So why, oh why is the music we play in our pubs, bars and public spaces so damn bland and often utterly inappropriate? It is a humungous matter for me. A real wasted opportunity.

You would never have a barbecue or a dinner party without first selecting some of your finest, cheesiest or most fitting choons to keep you company and get the thing swinging.

Listen to the soundtrack

Next time you’re out, step out of the moment and surrounding hubbub and listen to the soundtrack. I bet it’ll be one of, if not all of the following:

1. Just too quiet to notice

2. Way too bland to remember

3. Completely and utterly inappropriate

It freaks me out that operators will invest hundreds of thousands, millions even, on a fit-out and yet not give a flying fazzoolah about the sound and ensuing emotion of the space.

It used to be a similar way with lighting, but slowly that switch has flicked and people now recognise the effects lighting has on mood and moment.

Music has to be next. The perfect tune for the perfect time of day or night.

Setting the tone for a season

Tempos that dictate the pace of a space and beats that set the rhythm. Deep down everyone understands this.

It is eminently sensible. You would never, ever have a Christmas without Bublé or Bing would you?

You see, for all we all pretend to hate those cheesy Christmas classics, they absolutely demonstrate what effect music can have on a moment.

It sets the tone for a season.

Who’d have thought that Noddy Holder could teach us a lesson?

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