MA500: we aren't saying don't drink, it's pubs having something for everyone

By Nikkie Sutton

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Teetotallers: Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby explained how pubs can adapt to appeal to non-drinkers
Teetotallers: Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby explained how pubs can adapt to appeal to non-drinkers

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With Millennials drinking less than any other age group, Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby demonstrated to delegates how adding to their drinks offer can pay dividends.

“The number of teetotal people has gone up again and under-25s are the biggest group of people not drinking alcohol,” Willoughby said.

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“We wanted to show that bars are great and friendly to those who don’t want to drink alcohol.

“Our approach is not saying don’t drink, it’s about saying you can still go to the pub on a night if you’ve got work the next day because they have got something for you.”

Club Soda has produced a guide that pubs can sign up to, free of charge to help showcase their low- and no-alcohol drinks offer and Willoughby stressed to delegates the importance of this to venues and drinkers.

She said: “The idea behind The Club Soda Guide was to find the solutions that both customers wanted and pubs felt would be as good for their business as for us – that is really important.

“This is adding something to what pubs are already doing, upping sales of soft drinks, upping and adding value to those customers who might not be drinking in your venue, moving away from a standard product to a premium drink from the fridge.”

However, Willoughby emphasised that this scheme wasn’t about isolating those who do drink alcohol.

“This isn’t about telling people not to drink, it’s about having something there for those people who want a different option,” she added.

“This could be because they are driving or just want to go on a health kick for a while, but this trend is growing.”

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