Only 29% of Brits tip bar staff

By Stuart Stone

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Out of pocket: Britain's bar staff are tipped less often than hairdressers and takeaway delivery drivers
Out of pocket: Britain's bar staff are tipped less often than hairdressers and takeaway delivery drivers
According to research conducted by online marketplace, Britain’s bar staff are tipped less often than hairdressers, taxi drivers, waiters and takeaway delivery drivers.

A survey consisting of more than 2,000 respondents has revealed who and why the British public tip.

While 88% stated that they tip waiters in restaurants – with 21% doing so even if they didn’t think they’d received good service – only 29% of respondents stated that they tip bar staff.

Uber drivers, however, were revealed to be the least tipped, with only 19% of respondents stating that they tip after a trip.

When delving into the motivation behind tipping, 61% stated that they do so because “that is just how things are done” while a further 24% said they only tip because they feel “social pressure” to do so, and would feel ashamed not to.

One survey admitted that they had tipped a taxi driver who” fell asleep at the wheel at a red light” because they would “feel awkward not to”.

Moreover, roughly one in five Brits would still tip at a restaurant even if they received mediocre service, while close to a third would feel too embarrassed to ask for service charge to be removed.

In addition, 15% of those surveyed stated that they tip because they do not feel that workers “earned enough”.

Full survey results

Do you tip the following?
  • Beauty salon workers: Yes 62% No 38%
  • Waiters: Yes 88% No 12%
  • Hairdressers: Yes 73% No 27%
  • Bar staff: Yes 29% No 71%
  • Taxi drivers: Yes 77% No 23%
  • Uber drivers: Yes 19% No 81%
  • Delivery drivers
    • Takeaways: Yes 49% No 51%
    • Groceries: Yes 56% No 44%
    • Shopping orders (Amazon/ASOS/furniture): Yes 22% No 78%
Why do you tip?
  • Because I would feel ashamed not to/social pressure: 24%
  • Because that’s just how things are done: 61%
  • Because I don’t think they get paid enough: 15%
Which option best describes what you do at a restaurant?
  • I only tip when it has been a good service: 79%
  • I always tip, even if service was mediocre: 21%
Would you ask to take off service charge from a restaurant bill for bad service?
  • Yes: 68%
  • No, I would be too embarrassed to ask: 32%


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