Is zero-alcohol beer on tap the next step for pubs?

By Robert Mann

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Demand: with non-alcoholic beer on the rise, is it time for pubs to start selling it on tap?
Demand: with non-alcoholic beer on the rise, is it time for pubs to start selling it on tap?
After a new study claimed that consumers across the UK believe that low or no-alcohol beer is becoming more socially acceptable, is it time for pubs to start selling it on draught?

As consumption of non-alcoholic beer reaches 3% of the market, and with one in three young adults and one in five adults believed to be teetotal, the opportunity to court a new sector of the market is presenting itself to landlords.

For the most part, zero-alcohol beers are usually available in pubs and bars by the bottle, so if a punter wants two or three drinks, or even a pint, the cost can be too high to encourage multiple purchases.

According to John Hadingham, managing director at St Peter’s Brewery, alcohol-free on draught is where things are heading and believes landlords should give it some proper thought.

“We all know bar taps are at a premium in pubs, but given the rapid growth of this sector, I suspect it will not be long before alcohol-free on draught becomes more common, especially as international brands continue to enter the category,” he added.

Keep them coming back

He also added the importance of having non-alcoholic beer on tap by saying it will save the consumer money and keep them coming back for more.

The Suffolk-based brewery has just secured its first draught listing for its zero-alcohol brand, Without.

"It’s interesting to note that our first draught listing for Without has performed very well indeed and we’ve had to supply more already,” added Hadingham.

"The demand is definitely there, landlords just need to make the leap towards giving over same bar space to zero alcohol.”

New pub group, Old Spot Pub Company is looking to roll out the non-alcoholic beer on tap initiative across nine of its bars.

Alcohol-free beer on tap

William Saffery, of Old Spot Pub Company, said he feels "very strongly" that alcohol-free beer on tap should feature in pubs across the UK.

“I like a good alcohol-free beer, but I don’t like having to buy two bottles in order to enjoy a proper pint; it’s expensive and it’s just not the same experience,” he said.

Last week, The Morning Advertiser​ reported Carlsberg UK's findings that British consumers are drinking more non-alcoholic beverages on nights out.

A spokesman from Carlsberg said the trend in non-alcoholic drinking is constantly rising.

“The UK has long been a nation known for its love of beer but we have seen a step-change in people’s attitudes towards moderation when it comes to drinking,” he added.

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