‘Cut meat and dairy to save planet’, report claims

By Nicholas Robinson

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Green planet: diets void of meat and dairy 'better for the planet' says new report
Green planet: diets void of meat and dairy 'better for the planet' says new report

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If Brits cut meat and dairy from their diets by turning vegan then up to 90m tonnes of carbon emissions could be eliminated from the 1bn of CO2 created in Britain every year.

That’s according to a new report commissioned by the environment secretary Michael Gove, which claimed a third of carbon emissions could be wiped out if we all switched to plant-based diets.

The report, which was commissioned to help the country meet climate targets, suggested UK consumers should reduce their meat intake and even go vegetarian or vegan.

Moving to ‘healthy’ diets could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 12%, the report claimed, while vegetarian diets cut them by 26% and vegan by 36%.

Pub dishes

Pubs are already offering vegan dishes, including vegan burgers as well as pulled ‘pork’ meals made using Jackfruit.

In a special report, sponsored by the Meatless Farm Co, statistics showed more consumers were interested in eating vegan​ food.

For instance, from a poll of 2,000 UK adults, 41% of those asked said they were likely to choose a plant-based or meat alternative dish when eating out at a pub or restaurant over the next 12 months.

Despite many pub chains and independents, offering meat and dairy-free dishes, a third of consumers said they would like to see a meat-free alternative for all options on a menu.

Tax on meat

Vegan and vegetarian diets have been growing in popularity, with a significant proportion of Brits now claiming to identify as vegan.

However, the issue of global warming and environmental health has begun to further the spread of those forgoing meat and dairy, with claims such diets are better for the planet.

At the Oxford Farming Conference, which sees famers from across the UK gather yearly to discuss issues, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas called for a tax on meat to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Vegan Society, an organisation that supports and promotes a vegan lifestyle, has urged the Government to guarantee vegan options in the likes of hospitals, prisons and schools.

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