TripAdvisor still important to consumers

By Nikkie Thatcher

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Tell me why: TripAdvisor users have given a plethora of reasons they visit the review site
Tell me why: TripAdvisor users have given a plethora of reasons they visit the review site
Like it or loathe it, almost three quarters (70%) of consumers say they use TripAdvisor because of its descriptive and helpful reviews, a new global study has found.

The research, which polled more than 23,000 TripAdvisor users across 12 markets on the use of online reviews, also discovered users visit the site due to the accuracy of the content (62%).

The same percentage (62%) claimed the broad range of travel content was the reason they used TripAdvisor.

More confident

Across hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews, more than four in five (85%) participants reported the reviews they read on TripAdvisor accurately reflect their experience, with 86% agreeing the review site made them feel more confident in their booking decisions.

Some 72% of respondents always or frequently read reviews before making a decision on places to stay and eat or things to do.

This is even higher when it comes to accommodation bookings, with 81% always of frequently reading reviews before booking a place to stay.

Almost eight out of 10 (79%) of TripAdvisor users are more likely to book a hotel with a higher bubble rating (which is determined by travellers based on feedback regarding their experience with the venue) when choosing between two otherwise identical properties and more than half (52%) agree they would never book somewhere with no reviews.

Multiple reviews

When researching travel, respondents look for up-to-date content with 78% focusing on the most recent reviews.

However, 39% of TripAdvisor users said they ignore extreme comments and more than half (55%) of respondents read multiple reviews across several pages to get an overall sense of people’s opinions. On average, users read nine reviews before making a decision on booking a hotel or a restaurant.

The results also discovered the main reason, given by 87% of people is they want to share a good experience with fellow travellers.

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