Pubs not using social media 'missing trick'

By Rebecca Weller

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Setting the tone: pubs not using social platforms missing a trick (Credit: Getty/We Are)
Setting the tone: pubs not using social platforms missing a trick (Credit: Getty/We Are)

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Operators not utilising social media have been “missing a trick” according to one London-based operator.

Licensee of the Kings Arms in Bexleyheath, Pete Marshall, said while it’s not always easy to tell how many customers a social post has bought in, using social platforms are useful tools to keep in customers minds and set the tone of an establishment.

Marshall said: “If you're not using your social media, which is a completely free tool, to try and promote what you're doing, then you'll be missing out on a huge trick.

“It's not just the fact you can stay in people's Facebook feeds or Instagram feeds, it’s the fact you can set the tone of who you are.

“I purposely try and make things a little bit fun and light-hearted because when [people] come to the pub, that's the style of service we give.

Setting the tone 

“By setting that sound, whether everyone's seen our social media before they've come, those that have will understand we are serious in our approach to what we do day to day, but we like to have a lot of fun along the way.”

The operator explained ensuring posts remain topical was also key to reaching as many people as possible.

For example, Marshall recently shared a post on the pub’s Facebook page, which saw a reach of almost 5,000 people, detailing the pub was giving away free ice lollies and providing sun cream for customers to cope with the extreme heat.

However, Marshall advised other operators looking to achieve social media success need to consider not only topical acts of goodwill, but also target audience.

He added: “Social media is very much a big tool to setting the tone of who you are.

“[But] you’ve got to know your audience and tailor your information to the audience you're trying to attract, and the tone of what you are as a pub.

Following suit 

“If you flick back through our social media, it is generally quite a light-hearted poke at the world, as opposed to it being something too serious.

“If it needs to be more serious, be more serious. But equally, be consistent with it as well.”

Furthermore, the Kings Arms licensee explained being rigorous and dedicated to social media and keeping posts fresh, were very important.

Marshall said: “We are quite militant with ensuring social media is done every single morning, without fail, I dedicate about an hour, every single morning, just doing Facebook and Instagram, because I know it's going to remain in people's feeds.

“Equally it's making sure both social media areas are following suit. I won't promote [our upcoming] quiz today because I've done that on Facebook, but I will put something else on Instagram that might be more food related.

“It’s about making sure you're getting all the information out there on a constant drip feed, and sometimes targeting it a little bit more if you've got something you want to push a little bit harder.”

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