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Morning Advertiser Editorial Calendar 2023/24

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November 2023

1) Spirits - closed 

2) Drinks List

Publication date now planned for Monday 4 December. NO EXTERNAL SUBMISSIONS

In this feature, The MA breaks down the best-selling on-trade drinks across key categories and contextualises the figures and any emerging trends with commentary from key stakeholders.

See here for last year’s main feature ​but also note, each category was broken down even further in associated website articles.

December 2023

Low & No (date changed)

Publication date Monday 4 December (was 11 December), external submissions must be in by Friday 17 November.

Akin to the January 2022 feature (see here https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2021/12/01/How-can-I-make-the-most-of-Dry-January​) as Christmas and new year approaches people may want to enjoy drinks and food at pubs and may want to enjoy low/no alcohol drinks for a variety of reasons including if they are teetotal, moderate their intake, being the designated driver, cutting down for January, etc.

Submissions taken from those offering these types of drinks to pubs (on-trade) can not only say why their drinks fit the bill but why they are able to compete with alcoholic beverages and how pub operators should market them to get a better uptake.

Submissions to be sent to rzzn@srezragngvbabayvar.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

January 2024

Staffing, training, recruitment and retention

Publication date Monday 15 January, external submissions due by Thursday 4 January

Staffing issues have always been a challenge in the hospitality sector but since Covid, increases in the national living wage and Brexit, many pubs and bars have found it even more difficult to attract, employ and retain employees. A Business Confidence Survey from CGA by NIQ suggests 91% of hospitality leaders are concerned about staff shortages. Can we get some statistics (possibly from this report) and write an article that also quizzes operators about their feelings and also what their methods are to successful employment of staff. Can we get someone to talk about the training they offer to new and existing members of staff? Possibly explore avenues such as which roles are the hardest to recruit for and retain, and how the areas they operate their site in could be useful for certain types of staff? For example, older members of staff available in the locale who are likely to be retained longer or near a university so young employees during student terms who may return each year?

Submissions to be sent to zvpuryyr_creergg@lnubb.pb.hx​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

February 2024

1) Food trends 1

Publication date Monday 5 February, external submissions due by Thursday 25 January

Spring is on the way and pubs will be changing their menus shortly. Can we get a list of between 5 and 10 food trends people will be interested in and get views of operators so we can complete a list for other licensees to bear in mind. Maybe we could include a case study of what has worked well for spring last year and what that operators thinks will be big for spring this year?

Submissions to be sent to zngg@zrzljbeqf.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

2) Tech

Publication date Monday 19 February, external submissions must be in by Thursday 8 February

What does a pub need to run a successful pub in terms of technology? Looking at front of house and back of house, can we get both tech experts and pub operators to explain the systems used in pubs? A case study or good information would be useful to show off how a pub is using things like a good EPoS system and the advantages it offers over manual solutions; how stocktaking is easier via tech; and systems that make staff management of shifts, payment, etc. easier to track and convey to team members.

Submissions to be sent to svbanrynvartevssvguf@tznvy.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

March 2024

1) Cider

Publication date Monday 4 March, external submissions must be in by Thursday 22 February.

We want to give an overview of the market – what is going to be popular for pubs to stock as spring and summer approaches? Ideally, there could be some brands producing some data/reports that could give the spine of this feature with useful analysis or numbers to drive what is happening in pubs. Also look at successful operators of pubs that have a particularly strong focus on cider and find out how their operation works and see if they can offer tips and advice in stocking, potentially upselling and the different packaging such as boxed bags, which can be a popular way of stocking more varieties in smaller quantities.

Submissions to be sent to avtry.uhqqyrfgba@ivetvazrqvn.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

2) Soft drinks and mixers

Publication date Monday 18 March, external submissions must be in by Thursday 7 March

Pub customers don’t need to visit the pub with the sole intention of drinking alcohol – we need a pub to also offer soft drinks that are a star attraction of their own. Destination pubs will often be a strong lure for customers – perhaps for their food offer – so you need to have a suitable selection of drinks and that will include softs. Can we talk to a couple of destination pubs that have strong soft drink sales but also those that stock great mixers that can possibly be drunk alone or in a cocktail, whether that be non-alcoholic or even with alcohol? Explain how these drinks can help a pub stand out as a possible USP.

Submissions to be sent to rzznrirefunz@tznvy.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

April 2024

1) Beer report

2) UEFA Men's Euros football tournament (kicks off 14 June 2024)

May 2024

1) Running your pub

2) Wine report

June 2024

Cider trends

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