Banning alcohol at work events

Perspective needed on work parties

By Ed Bedington

If things can’t get much worse for the pub sector, the fun-police are now out trying to ban drinking at work parties.

Alcohol ban: pubs cannot serve alcohol to customers in their venues but off-licence sales can continue until 10pm

Fury at pub alcohol ban in Wales

By Emily Hawkins

A ban on serving alcohol in pubs has been met with anger from publicans in Wales, who say it means their businesses are not viable.

Industry query: Christopher Snowdon questions if the Government has waged war on the trade


Has the Government declared war on pubs?

By Christopher Snowdon

I have long harboured the suspicion than the ultimate objective of British politics for the last fifteen years has been to destroy the pub trade.

Information needed: the trade has urged the Government provide further clarity of the restrictions

Confusion about alcohol takeaways for pubs

By Nikkie Thatcher

The pub trade is calling for clarity on serving takeaway alcohol while shut, ahead of the nationwide lockdown and enforced closure of hospitality this week (Thursday 5 November).

Lead the way: Tom Bell aims to support alcohol brands in becoming strong


Agile alcohol brands will fare best

By Tom Bell, We Hustle consultancy

We Hustle consultancy’s Tom Bell says alcoholic drinks brands leading the way in innovation will see the biggest and best cut through. Here is his analysis of what to expect in the coming months.

Top billing: Lisa Sharkey acknowledges the hard work of the Poppleston Allen solicitors

Top ranking for Poppleston Allen licensing team

By Alice Leader

Alcohol licensing law company – Poppleston Allen – and its team of solicitors have been acknowledged for its licensing, achieving Tier 1 status in both the East Midlands and London, according to the latest results from Legal 500.

Role exit: Tim Page is no longer a director at Drinkers' Voice

Tim Page steps down as director of Drinkers' Voice

By Stuart Stone

The chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Tim Page has stepped down from his role as a director of Drinkers' Voice but confirmed he's staying in place at CAMRA.

Alcohol figures damaging UK are lies


The alcohol figures that just don't add up

By Pete Brown

Pete Brown says the industry has suffered for too long over ‘facts’, which serve only to scaremonger the British public when it comes to the UK’s alcohol ‘problem’.

Parliamentary group calls for 'alcohol harm minister'

Parliamentary group calls for 'alcohol harm minister'

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

The All Party Parliamentary Committee on Alcohol Misuse is calling for a single government minister to be accountable for the responsibility of reducing alcohol harms as part of its 2015 Manifesto that also includes a minimum unit price for alcoholic...

The presence of children in pubs is strictly regulated - make sure you stay on the right side of the law

Children in pubs: Licensing law

By Poppleston Allen

It is important to remember the legal responsibilities under licensing law concerning the presence of children in your premises. Pub Licensing specialists Poppleston Allen lay down the law.