Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Concern anti-alcohol drug

Just how impartial is Alcohol Concern?

By Robyn Black

Alcohol Concern has been vocal in its praise for new £3 wonder drug, nalmefene (also known as Selincro) by Lundbeck, which could be used to treat people with “mild” drinking problems on the NHS.

Alcohol Concern Stick to the Facts report is misguided

Alcohol Concern is simply concerned with the wrong thing

By Robyn Black

So, in the same month that kids TV shows were slammed for giving fathers a bad name (website Netmums said most portrayed dads as lazy or stupid) and Disney came under fire for pushing more sexy princesses to young girls (its newest character Merida appears...

Chase: loss of funding is a hard reality of politics

Chickens are roosting for Alcohol Concern

By Paul Chase

I had a distinct sense of chickens coming home to roost when I heard that Alcohol Concern had lost its annual funding from the Department of Health.

Alcohol Concern: current CEO Don Shenker is set to leave

Alcohol Concern likely to scale back activity

By John Harrington

Alcohol Concern, the influential health campaign group that’s broadly viewed as anti-industry, looks likely to scale down its activities after the Government withdrew its funding for the body.

Phil Mellows: Praising the off-trade

Off licences: our common enemy?

By Phil Mellows

Grocock and Shenker. It doesn’t sound nice, but it’s true. The respective chief executives of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and Alcohol Concern have chummed up.

Shenker: pubs should be encouraged and rewarded financially for improving community life

Alcohol Concern praises pubs

By Michelle Perrett

The chief executive of Alcohol Concern Don Shenker has praised pubs for improving community life.

Alcohol aisle: supermarkets under fire

Charity: restrict alcohol displays in stores

By John Harrington

Alcohol Concern has called for a ban on supermarket alcohol sales near everyday items such as milk and bread. A survey across one day in Cardiff by...