Reinvention: WKD is set to be refreshed to reach out to 18 to 24-year-olds


WKD to be transformed for the 'now' generation

By Nikkie Sutton

WKD is set to undergo a “radical reinvention” with a new pack design across the range along with the launch of two new, lower-calorie flavours, following research into 18 to 24-year-olds. The brand will also unveil a new communications programme ‘WKD...

RTDs: Keeping afloat?

Drinks Offer

RTDs: Ready To Sink?

By Nigel Huddleston

The RTD category has been in decline in recent times, but the Publican's Morning Advertiser has found some bright lights to keep the sector afloat. 

WKD fans will be able to choose the music at the Spotify-supported events

WKD makes a noise with Spotify

By Robyn Black

Alcopop brand WKD has teamed up with Spotify, the music streaming service, and DJs Lauren Pope and Melvin (one half of Rickie & Melvin from the Kiss FM Breakfast show) to create a series of “crowd sourced” nights out.

WKD Purple: Cheeky vodka mix

New pub drink: RTD and cocktails

By Sonya Hook

Sonya Hook discovers the recent wave of RTD launches could represent the beginning of a rather fruity alliance with swish cocktails.

Bacardi Breezer: new 100 calorie range

RTDs go for lower abvs

By Robyn Lewis

The RTD market is experiencing a shake-up this month as two of the biggest brands announce reformulations. Diageo is lowering the abv of its Smirnoff...

Pring: devil is in the detail

So far not so bad, Home Sec

By Andrew Pring

The Queen's speech revealed plans for a new restrictive code for pubs, but not the draconian crackdown we feared, says Andrew Pring.

Taste test

Taste test

THIS WEEK: Maguire's pear cider With summer almost upon us, we put one of the latest cider entries, by Halewood, to the test Darryl Danielli...