American Whiskey

Beer in abundance: Great American Beer Festival (image: ©Brewers Association)


6 hot American craft beer trends

By Lotte Peplow

The US is a hive of craft beer activity, with a market that has significantly more going on than the UK’s. In this special feature, Britain-based beer sommelier, writer and judge Lotte Peplow reports on the latest trends from the Great American Beer Festival...

Whiskey or whisky? It's a new day

Whiskey or whisky? It's a new day

By Nicholas Robinson

Whether it’s malt whisky, an American Bourbon or an Irish whiskey, the whisk(e)y category is vast and hugely diverse. Blended Scotch may be the biggest player in the sector, but interest is piquing in other areas and will not play second fiddle to white...

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

By Laurie Macdonald

Brown-Forman has outlined its strategy to educate bar staff and consumers about the American whiskey category. The campaign is aimed at harnessing the category’s potential and continuing growth in the UK.

Johnny Cash represented the same 'understated cool' as American whiskey

Old-fashioned cool: The trend for American whiskey

By Jessica Mason

Young hipsters are lapping up the chance to try American whiskey as they seek something cool and different, but not something their dad might drink. Pubs should capitalise on this trend.