Martin Hayes: Converted Cask into pub that now turns over £900,000 a year

The beer factor

By Phil Mellows

Martin Hayes tells Phil Mellows how he converted the Cask in south-west London into an inspirational example of modern pub retailing.

Eastern promise

Eastern promise

Forget all the tea in China - there are plenty of genuinely-imported Asian brews to give your beer offer a taste of the Orient, says Adrian...

Polish persuasion

Polish persuasion

Imported Polish beers are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. Adrian Tierney-Jones reports on their rapidly-rising popularity We've...

Sarah, Meg and Sam in the shop.

Beer with food - Anything goes

By Richard Fox

Or does it? Over the next few pages Richard Fox, author of the new Food and Beer Cookbook, gives advice on matching different beer styles with food.