Binge Drinking

Supermarkets give licensing act evidence on pre-loading


Supermarkets claim 'no evidence' of weekend pre-loading

By Liam Coleman

A representative of Waitrose has said that the company sees “no evidence” of pre-loading at the House of Lords review of the Licensing Act 2003, which also saw a representative of Sainsbury’s give similar evidence.

The impact of public health in the licensing process

Legal advice

The impact of public health in the licensing process

By Poppleston Allen

The Government is anxious for public health authorities in England and Wales to be more involved in the licensing process following their establishment as a responsible authority in 2012.

Q&A: Police action against employees and charity events

Legal advice

Q&A: Police action against employees and charity events

By Poppleston Allen

This week's legal Q&A focuses on what to do when the police want to ban an employee from a venue, and what to do when charity winner drinks a bottle in a un-licensed village hall

Undeserving drinkers: moralism and the alcohol strategy

Undeserving drinkers: moralism and the alcohol strategy

It was a premature birth and the mother was unexpected. Instead of health minister Andrew Lansley delivering the Government Alcohol Strategy this week, home secretary Theresa May suddenly appeared as his surrogate last Friday.

Speaking with a forked tongue

Speaking with a forked tongue

If health secretary Andrew Lansley really believes what he said at the Wine & Spirit Trade Association’s annual conference recently, then why has he not had a word with Teresa May?

Mellows: new report worth a read

Keeping the binge drinking myth alive

By Phil Mellows

In a strange twist, it's now the drinks industry that has an interest in sustaining the binge drinking myth, says Phil Mellows.

Supermarkets: alcohol sold cheaply

Northern Ireland pushes for minimum price

By Ewan Turney

Ministers in Northern Ireland are pushing for the introduction of a minimum price on alcohol of between 40p and 70p a unit. Social Development...

Lansley: against punitive measures

Lansley opposes extra red tape on trade

By John Harrington

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said he believes the culture of heavy drinking can be changed "without excessive, burdensome regulation". He...

Round of drinks: does it lead to binge drinking?

'Stop buying rounds to halt binge drinking'

By Ewan Turney

Drinkers should be discouraged from buying rounds in pubs if the Government is serious about cutting down on binge drinking. The advice comes from...

Simmonds: enough existing laws in place

BBPA: 24-hour pub is a myth

By Ewan Turney

The Licensing Act has "worked well" and proved the 24-hour pub to be a myth, according to the British Beer and Pub Association. Chief executive...

Turney: trade looks set for a rough ride

Undercover at the consultations

By Ewan Turney

Despite the Government giving the impression that Licensing Act reforms are open to debate, the changes seem to be decided, says Ewan Turney.

O'Brien: calling for alcohol commission

Limiting the damage of binge drinking

By John Harrington

How do we help cure binge drinking? The Government's latest plans were put under the microscope at a lively conference, as John Harrington reports.

Survey: not great result for UK

UK the binge drinker of Europe

By Martyn Leek, M&C Report

The UK has been labelled the "binge drinking" capital of Europe, after research found that 12% consumed up to 10 drinks on a night out.

Government must stress that responsible drinking is the norm

'Leap of faith' required on binge drinking

By John Harrington

The Government must take a "leap of faith" and accentuate positive messages around alcohol to change drinking culture for the better. The message...

Robertson: welcomed NLTA but wary over risk of duplication of effort

Pub industry welcomes new training body

By Gemma McKenna

The trade has broadly welcomed the NLTA, fronted by Helen Newlove, but the BII has warned there is a risk of duplication of effort.

Bish: licensing regime is too lax on off-trade

Trade fears Tory plans will hit pubs

By John Harrington

Trade chiefs fear the Conservative Party's hard-line plans for alcohol and licensing will mean more pub closures and penalise responsible operators....

Brown: more restrictive measures for pub trade

Brown to ban '24-hour drinking'

By Ewan Turney

The Prime Minister is to give councils new powers to ban all 24-hour licences in their area and make pubs pay for street cleaning and policing....

Binge drinking is on the decrease

Binge drinking on the decrease

By Ewan Turney

The appeal of binge drinking amongst young people is on the decrease, according to a new survey. A Mintel study showed that the number of 18-23...

BrewDog: controversial brew

London bar defends Britain's strongest beer

By Ewan Turney

A London bar has leapt to the defence of Britain's strongest beer amidst the outcry from the health lobbyists. Brewdog sparked controversy when it...