Bourbon Whiskey

How to make a Manhattan

Drink deconstructed

Make the perfect Manhattan

By Nicholas Robinson

Popular history says this three-part cocktail was first made in the Manhattan Club in the 1870s. We're not inclined to argue with that, but we can say it's a simple and sophisticated whiskey cocktail.

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

By Laurie Macdonald

Brown-Forman has outlined its strategy to educate bar staff and consumers about the American whiskey category. The campaign is aimed at harnessing the category’s potential and continuing growth in the UK.

New apple flavour for Jim Beam

New apple flavour for Jim Beam

By Noli Dinkovski

An apple-flavoured variant of Jim Beam is to be rolled out next month as distributor Maxxium UK continues to target new drinkers to the bourbon category.

Jim Beam Rye whiskey launched

New rye whisky for Jim Beam

By Robyn Black

A rye whiskey has been added to the Jim Beam portfolio, as distributor Maxxium UK looks to tap into the burgeoning interest in this style of spirit.

Johnny Cash represented the same 'understated cool' as American whiskey

Old-fashioned cool: The trend for American whiskey

By Jessica Mason

Young hipsters are lapping up the chance to try American whiskey as they seek something cool and different, but not something their dad might drink. Pubs should capitalise on this trend.

Buffalo Trace: offering 12 trips to Kentucky

US trip for 12 Buffalo cork-collectors

By Robyn Black

Twelve UK bartenders could find themselves winging their way to Kentucky as part of a new on-trade drive for Bourbon brand Buffalo Trace. The prize...

Hot to stock

Hot to Stock

By MA reporter

Every licensee wants to back a winner. So to help you become a winner, the MA recently compiled a brand new listing of the 50 drinks that made the...

The bourbon cowboys

The bourbon cowboys

With American whiskeys out-performing the home-grown market in terms of growth, Ben McFarland says its time to look across the Pond.Having run the...

Left on the shelf?

Left on the shelf?

Jack Daniel's has the dark spirits market cracked but other brands are less fortunate. Ben McFarland investigates the future of bourbonsDark spirits...