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What's in the news 4 August?

Review of the Week

'Can't see it getting a lot better'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with Frisco Pubs boss and podcast legend Heath Ball to get his take on the week's news, from duty changes and utilities profits to the weather.

British Gas pub bills

PMA helps resolve £3,000 British Gas bill row

By Ellie Bothwell

British Gas has agreed to pay more than £3,000 to resolve an electricity bill dispute with a Buckinghamshire licensee after the Publican’s Morning Advertiser (PMA) intervened.

British Gas apologises in meter reading dispute

British Gas apologises in meter reading dispute

By Gurjit Degun

British Gas has apologised for an ongoing meter-reading issue which has resulted in a South Yorkshire licensee being sent bills ranging from £19,000 to £40,000 a quarter, since April this year.

Pub host struggles to pay £13k utility bill

Pub host struggles to pay £13k utility bill

By Adam Pescod

A Warwickshire licensee has advised others not to “bury their head in the sand” over utilities bills as he struggles to repay British Gas for two years’ worth of electricity.

Apology: British Gas

Host gets apology from British Gas

By Gurjit Degun

British Gas has apologised for charging a licensee £20,000 after telling him that his pub "looked like it used a lot of electricity".

Confession: British Gas says it flagged issues to Ofgem

£2.5m British Gas fine 'not enough'

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees have welcomed the £2.5m fine issued to British Gas for not handling complaints from small businesses and domestic users appropriately.

Appalled: Joe Cussens, of the Chequers in Bath

British Gas slated over 97% bill hike

By Gurjit Degun

A licensee has vowed never to deal with British Gas again after he received a renewal supply contract offering a 97% increase.

Energy price watch: get in touch with your concerns

British Gas admits error and pays out £300

By Gurjit Degun

British Gas has promised to credit a licensee up to £300, admitting it made an error, after an intervention by the Publican's Morning Advertiser.

Out of the blue: big bill shock for licensees

Pub hosts suffer bill blows

By John Harrington

Licensees are still suffering the after-effects of receiving huge out-of-the-blue utility bills, with monthly repayments soaring to "unmanageable"...

British Gas: ombudsman ordered payments

British Gas told to pay licensees £2k

By John Harrington

British Gas Business has been ordered to pay a £2,000 "goodwill" payment to licensees who received a "service shortfall" over several years.

Gas bill: shocked licensee

Licensee's gas bill probed

By John Harrington

British Gas has put a licensee's account on hold while it investigates an out-of-the-blue gas bill of £10,543. Peter Saxon, of the freehold Swan...

Cunningham spent seven hours on the phone

Customer service row for British Gas

By Gemma McKenna

Two licensees in dispute with British Gas over bills have accused the energy supplier of totally ignoring their complaints. Edinburgh host Brian...

Joseph Browne: licensee was in dispute with British Gas

MA helps licensee with shock bills

By John Harrington

British Gas has promised to help a licensee — whose electricity bills increased four-fold — after the Morning Advertiser got involved. Bills at...

Haslam with partner Jo: right result

MA intervenes to sort British Gas blunders

By Gemma McKenna

British Gas has offered a £5,800 refund, plus account credits, to a licensee after the Morning Advertiser intervened in the case. Multiple operator...

Hot issue: host Steve Roberts must pay £1,100 each month

Ombudsman demands apology for pub

By John Harrington

The Energy Ombudsman has demanded an apology from British Gas for the way it treated a licensee who was hit with a £12,000 bill.

Electricity charges: British Gas admits to metering error

Host hit by shock electricity bill

By John Harrington

Another host has been sent a bombshell electricity bill — this time for £8,900 — after British Gas admitted under-estimating consumption. An...

Delwyn Lewis and Martin Bates were charged £74 a day for electricity

£74-a-day electric bill for new hosts

By John Harrington

Hosts were charged a staggering £74 per day for electricity at a 40-cover pub after being stuck paying inflated "out-of-contract" rates. BizzEnergy...

Healy Group spared soaring gas charges

Healy Group spared soaring gas charges

By John Harrington

A multiple operator that faced massive gas bill hikes after changing supplier following a "cold call" from a utilities agent is set to save around...