EU exit: employee rights could change after Brexit

Changes to employee rights on cards after Brexit

By Claire Churchard

EU rules that protect employee holidays, ensure regular rest breaks and limit excessive overtime could be scrapped by ministers after Brexit, according to reports.

Err…yes Prime Minister

Err…yes Prime Minister

By Robert Sayles

Knock knock….“Ah Humphrey, come in.”“You wanted to see me Prime Minister.”“Yes. Something rather odd happened last evening. I popped along to my local pub with Samantha for a pint and a bite to eat. Guess what? The bloody thing’s boarded up! What’s going...

David Morris MP: Ban liquid nitrogen cocktails

MP calls for liquid nitrogen Westminster Hall Debate

By Gurjit Degun

An MP who has called for a ban on liquid nitrogen cocktails following 18-year-old Gaby Scanlon having her stomach removed as a result of such a drink, is also asking for a Westminster Hall Debate.

Single voice: BISL calls for one minister to speak for leisure industry

BISL calls for one minister to represent leisure industry

By Adam Pescod

The leisure industry, including pubs, should have one single Cabinet minister to speak on its behalf. That’s the message from the Business in Sport and Leisure (BISL) body, which published a comprehensive report into the leisure sector today.