Total invasion: a customer complained that the cameras in a JDW pub invaded her privacy

JDW vows to continue CCTV use in toilets

By Alice Leader

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has apologised for making a female customer feel “uncomfortable” after she noticed CCTV in the pub’s toilets, but the pubco defends its right to have them for the prevention of crime and disorder.

Safety: How can you keep your staff and customers secure?

Security in pubs: my camera never lies

By Fred A'Court

Safety issues are not only vital in keeping your customers out of harm’s way, they must be controlled so you retain your licence and stay out of legal trouble. Here, we look at how CCTV is crucial in general, and also at countering drugs and terrorism...

Legal checklist: Guidelines for operating CCTV

Legal checklist: Guidelines for operating CCTV

By Poppleston Allen

Increasingly, we are being called to give advice about the licensee’s responsibilities regarding CCTV. Police and other regulatory agencies will want to have conditions on your premises licence that require you:

Make sure your CCTV is legally registered

Make sure your CCTV is legally registered

By Michael Kheng

I am pleased to say the ridiculous review Lincolnshire Police applied for against one of my bars was recently thrown out by East Lindsey District Council in Lincolnshire. The review centred around CCTV.

CCTV: fears of blanket use in pubs

Police admit CCTV not effective

By Ewan Turney

It takes 1,000 CCTV cameras to detect just one crime, the Met Police has admitted. The news takes on extra relevance for pubs after reports of...

Liverpool police want CCTV installed

Liverpool cops call for CCTV in all pubs

By John Harrington

Merseyside Police are asking all pubs and clubs in hot-spots to have CCTV as a licence condition, even inside venues. Police in a growing number of...

CCTV: serious concerns over blanket policies at pubs

Fear over blanket CCTV at pubs

By John Harrington

The UK's privacy watchdog fears police moves to force all pubs to install CCTV risk data protection and privacy breaches.