Closed for good: Altus figures revealed how many pubs have shut permanently (image: Getty/MarianVejcik)


89 pubs ‘vanished’ since May

By Nikkie Thatcher

Some 89 pubs have closed for good having either been demolished or converted into other types of buildings in England and Wales since May, figures have revealed.

Number increase: 2,500 pubs closing is more than double the number of venues shutting their doors than in previous years

Estimated 2,500 pubs lost in 2020

By Nikkie Thatcher

More than 2,000 pubs have been lost this year, over double the number in previous years, it has been estimated.

Checking closure powers

Legal analysis

Checking closure powers

By James Anderson & Nick Arron, Poppleston Allen

So far as licensed premises are concerned, the main provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into effect on 20 October 2014, but it is only recently that we have seen evidence of these provisions being put into force.

Coulson: most licensees do not have an ‘instant’ lawyer at their side to risk a confrontation with the police

Trade must fight instant pub closures

By Peter Coulson

Two more glaring examples of police misuse of their closure powers have come to light recently, involving two different parts of the law. In the...