Consumer Spending

Consumer spending is up in pubs and bars (Getty/Thomas Barwick)

Consumer spending in pubs up for August

By Michelle Perrett

Consumer spending on pubs, bars and clubs rose by 43.4% in August compared to 2019, the highest growth recorded for over 17 months.

Most of the additional cash was spent on eating out in cafes and quick service restaurants

Eating out spend rises as fuel costs drop

By Mike Berry

Spending on eating out has increased as the fall in petrol prices drove consumers to pump an additional £12.81 each into the UK economy last month, as they benefited from an extra £19.81 in their pockets.

Dating contributes to food and drink spend

Food and drink spend on dates rises

By Mark Wingett

A combined study by dating website and the Centre for Economic Business Research (CEBR) found that dating contributes about £3.6bn every year to the UK economy and that this has increased by £200m so far this year, compared with 2011.

Eating out: consumers still spending

Eating and drinking out spend rises in Q1

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Consumers are continuing to eat and drink out despite the challenging economic times, according to the Consumer Expenditure Index.