Green Party calls for all alcohol tax to replace late-night levy

Late-night levy

Call for alcohol taxation to replace late-night levy

By Oli Gross

Green Party councillors have called for an alternative to the late-night levy in which a proportion of all alcohol taxation would go towards improving the night-time economy.

Nottingham's licensing committee will discuss the consultation on Monday (23 June)

Nottingham set to go ahead with late-night levy

By Ellie Bothwell

Nottingham City Council said it is likely a late-night levy will be approved next month, despite the fact 74% of respondents to the consultation have objected to the plan.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks from 27 March until 23 June 2014

Chelmsford launches late-night levy consultation

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs, bars and clubs in Chelmsford will be able to submit responses to a possible late-night levy from next Thursday (27 March), as the council becomes the latest authority to consult on whether to introduce the fee.

The patio area the City Wall in Rochester has been used for 12 years

Kent licensee 'in limbo' after patio setback

By Ellie Bothwell

A Kent licensee fears for his trade after he was banned from using the patio next to his bar due to noise, despite the fact it has been part of his business for 12 years.

Blackpool Council is holding a five-day hearing on a proposed EMRO from 9 to 13 December

Blackpool Council could be first to face legal challenge over EMRO

By Ellie Bothwell

Local authorities have been making “dreadful procedural errors” and could face legal challenges from the trade over the introduction of early-morning restriction orders (EMROs) and late-night levies (LNLs), trade bodies have claimed. 


Newcastle's late-night levy decision stinks of short-termism

By Mike Berry

It was only a matter of time. Newcastle City Council has become the first local authority to cross the Rubicon and introduce a late-night levy (LNL) — an additional tax that could have a significant impact on late-night bars, pubs and nightclubs in the...

'Legal drink-driving' plans hit a snag...

'Legal drink-driving' plans hit a snag...

As Snifter suspected, proposals by an Irish county council to legalise drink-driving have fallen by the wayside (or kerbside) after Ireland’s transport minister shot them down.

Brighton: council is trying to reduce antisocial behaviour

Fury over tougher licence restrictions

By John Harrington

Licensees and pub operators in Brighton have attacked the council's plan to extend the city's cumulative impact zone (CIZ) by almost two-thirds.

Paid for policing: Brighton scheme will not go ahead

Brighton pub policing scheme dismissed

By Lesley Foottit

Council proposals to force late-licence pubs and clubs in Brighton to pay for extra policing have been dismissed by the Government. Brighton and...

Notts: crackdown on street drinking

Notts plans city-wide ban on street drinking

By John Harrington

Nottingham plans to use a new law to inflict a total ban on street drinking. In what's believed to be a first, the city council wants to use powers...

Bettison: welcomes new powers

Councils welcome new licensing powers

By John Harrington

Government plans to give councillors more power are preferable to the "ill-targeted" mandatory alcohol retailing code, say council bosses.

Attic: irresponsible offer

Premium venue blasted over drinks offer

By The PMA Team

A Premium Bars and Restaurants venue has been forced to drop an offer that promised refunds to revellers who went home sober. The Attic in Newcastle...

Reading is looking to regulate smoking areas

Reading votes for outdoor smoking charges

By John Harrington

Councillors in Reading have voted unanimously to implement a costly permit scheme for pubs to let customers smoke outside. However, in a move that...

Westminster has promised to get tough on unruly pubs as Olympics approaches

Unruly pubs to be shut in Olympics run-up

By John Harrington

The leader of Westminster City Council has warned that irresponsible pubs will be shut as the 2012 Olympics approaches. Cllr Colin Barrow also said...

Noisy smokers causing headaches

Noisy smokers causing headaches

Noisy smokers outside pubs are being blamed for a rise in the number of "bad neighbour" rows which professional mediators are dealing with in...

Police block JDW pub plan

Police block JDW pub plan

Police have blocked an attempt by JD Wetherspoon to open a pub on Cambridge Leisure Park. City magistrates have backed officers after they claimed...

Pub operator withdraws High Court appeal

Pub operator withdraws High Court appeal

By Iain O'Neil

Punch Taverns has withdrawn its High Court challenge to Leeds City Council over licensing conditions. The pubco had been in dispute since Leeds...

Jac Roper

Breathalyser plans dropped.

Plans to breathalyse customers before serving them have been dropped by York City Council. NEW COMMENT