Employers should consider what restrictions they wish to place on tattoos and ensure that they can objectively justify the reasons for these rules

Legal guide: Staff tattoos

By Charles Russell

Employees who have tattoos cannot be treated differently or face disciplinary action just for having body markings. This guide from law firm Charles Russell aims to help operators know where they stand.

Peter Coulson: 'Be wary of discrimination'

Discrimination in the trade

By Peter Coulson

Last week’s thought-provoking article by Dave Daly in The Guv’nor column was full of common sense about the long-standing issue of racial discrimination. In it, he counselled against going to the law, suggesting such matters should be kept in-house, and...

Big issue: breast feeding mothers should not face discrimination

Pubs' breast-feeding alert

By Gurjit Degun

Hosts are being reminded about discrimination laws after a licensee was slammed for asking a breast-feeding woman to leave her pub. Elaine Loughran,...

Chase: head of UK compliance at CPL

CPL Training expands online courses offer

By Gurjit Degun

Pub training provider CPL Training has added courses in equality and diversity and disability awareness to its online qualifications. The Equality...

Punch: investigating Greencoat Boy allegations

Punch looks into alleged pub service refusal

By Lesley Foottit

Punch Taverns has launched an investigation after allegations that a group of customers were refused service at a London pub due to their sexuality.

£3,000 pub compensation for disabled woman

£3,000 pub compensation for disabled woman

By John Harrington

Pub bosses have paid £3,000 compensation to a wheelchair-bound woman who was refused entry to a Northern Ireland bar. The case is a warning to...



Good Friday restrictions QWhat is the position regarding Good Friday under our new licence? We applied for conversion and variation and just put down...



Restaurant and off-sales QNow that the new licensing laws are in place and restaurants have the same licence as pubs, can a local restaurant near...

New sex discrimination guidance for pubs

New sex discrimination guidance for pubs

New guidance has been launched to help pubs and breweries combat sex discrimination. The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) targeted the licensed...