How to make pizza

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By Nicholas Robinson

Pizza is quickly becoming a popular dish in pubs as more operators turn to the quick, easy and tasty food to entice new customers into their businesses. Watch this video to see how the masters create delicious pizzas.

Neurogastronomy is about more than how the food looks on the plate

Double pub food sales with neurogastronomy?

By Nicholas Robinson

Encouraging diners to use more senses than just the taste buds could boost your profits. Nicholas Robinson explains how neurogastronomy can be used to enhance every diner’s experience

PubChef Awards - Meat

PubChef Awards - Meat

By Jo Bruce

Provenance seems all the rage as consumers demand to know more about the source and supply of their ingredients. Nowhere is this better illustrated...

Seafod cook-off

PubChef Awards 2005 - Seafod cook-off

By Jo Bruce and Max Gosney

Our five finalists in the Seafood category cookoff in the PubChef Awards focused on using local ingredients. Jo Bruce and Max Gosney report. Seafood...

Food from Britain

PubChef Awards 2005 - Food from Britain

By Max Gosney

Food from Britain is the second category cook-off in the PubChef awards. Our five finalists focus on using quality British regional produce. Max...