Draught Beer

Protz: cracking the British market won't be easy

Any more room at the inn?

By Roger Protz

Veltins Pilsener is looking to increase its sales in Britain. A fresh style will help, says beer expert Roger Protz.

MPs back pro-pub beer tax call

MPs back pro-pub beer tax call

By John Harrington

MPs are backing the call for Europe to allow the UK to set a lower rate of duty for draught beer sold in pubs. Fifteen to date have signed an Early Day Motion petition.

Sutcliffe: sure that the community pub has a positive future

Government rejects minimum pricing call

By Ewan Turney

The Government has rejected calls for a minimum price on alcohol and a different duty rate on draught beer to reverse the trend of drinking at home....

Litres of beer are not allowed in Britain

Litre of beer battle begins

By Ewan Turney

The licensee of a Polish bar has vowed to take his battle to serve beer in litres all the way to the House of Lords after being threatened with a £2,000 fine and given 28 days to switch glassware over to pints.

Check credentials

Check credentials

Q In your first article you mentioned that the trade should avoid employing cowboy' stocktakers. How can I be sure of finding a bona fide expert? A...