Elvis Presley

Permitted: BrewDog is now allowed to use Elvis Juice in its branding

BrewDog wins Elvis Juice appeal

By Nikkie Sutton

Scottish brewer and operator BrewDog has won the right to register ‘BrewDog Elvis Juice’ following a ruling by the Board of Appeal at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO).

Ruled: BrewDog not allowed to use Elvis in their branding

BrewDog loses Elvis Juice trademark battle

By Nicholas Robinson

Elvis Presley’s estate has won a trademark battle with Scottish craft brewer and pub operator BrewDog over the rights to use the rock legend’s name in their Elvis Juice beer.

Ward: teaming up with country singer Bob James

Music single to help save the pub

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An American-based country singer is to release a single in support of the Great British pub. British born country singer and record producer Bob...

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Beer and Food - Nuts about squirrels

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