Energy Costs

Death by a thousand cuts: as costs continue to rise pubs have been left with no breathing space following Covid and face a tough year (Credit: Getty/sturti)

Hospitality sector entering 'catastrophic period'

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs have had no breathing time following the pandemic as rising costs pose multiple challenges for operators who have survived by “the skin of their teeth” with the potential for a "catastrophic" and "very tough" year ahead, according...

Truly punishing: 38% of operators cut trading hours to combat skyrocketing energy price increases (Credit: Getty/hit003)

Almost 40% of operators cut trading hours to combat rising costs

By Rebecca Weller

Almost two fifths of operators have been forced to cut trading hours to combat cost increases across the board, according to a poll conducted by trade organisations UKHospitality, the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), the British Beer and Pub Association...

Hospitality businesses see 150% increase in energy cost: some suppliers now refusing contracts to businesses in the sector (Credit: Getty/John Lamb)

150% hike in pubs’ energy bills

By Rebecca Weller

Hospitality businesses across the UK have seen energy bills rise by 150% or more when compared to pre-pandemic levels, equivalent to an £800m additional cost to the sector, according to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA).

How can operators save money on energy bills? (Credit: Getty/PM Images)

How can pubs save money on energy bills?

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs could see a 56% increase on energy bills following last week’s announcement from energy regulator Ofgem, however, some simple changes could save licensees money in just a few months.

Couldn't believe her eyes: Licensee sees electricity bill rocket by 118%  (Credit: Gety/peepo)

Licensee sees energy bill rise by 118%

By Rebecca Weller

Licensee sees electricity bill soar to more than double, going from an average of £2,700 per month last year to £5,900 in December 2021.