The BBPA has launched a campaign to highlight the laws around serving drunks

BBPA campaign

Do you know the laws on serving drunks?

By Oli Gross

The laws around serving drunks have been highlighted in a poster campaign launched by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA).

How to deal with drunken punters

Legal Advice

How to deal with drunken punters

By Poppleston Allen

A previous article discussed the issue of drunkenness, following a couple of high-profile cases which brought this issue to the forefront.

Breath tests are unwelcome

Legal advice

Breath tests are unwelcome

By Poppleston Allen

There has been coverage recently of a ‘voluntary scheme’ introduced in Newquay and Truro, where 21 licensed premises have agreed to introduce breathalyser tests on entry.

Alcohol Research sales to drunks report

Report urges action from trade on 'sales to drunks'

By Mike Berry

A new report calls for a review of the legislation on ‘sales to drunks’ — which it claims is one of the most under-enforced laws on the statute books. But is it needed? Mike Berry looks closer.

Britain has shown onlookers that it can enjoy alcohol responsibly

Britain has shown onlookers that it can enjoy alcohol responsibly

By Stephen Oliver

In a year filled with national celebrations, Britain has shown onlookers that not only can we put on a show worthy of a gold medal, we can also enjoy alcohol responsibly. In contrast to the inclement weather, reports of drunken behaviour did not rain...

Luminar: under fire for flyer

Luminar slammed over 60p promo

By Lesley Foottit

Luminar Leisure has come under fire for an irresponsible promotion that claims to "specialise" in getting its customers drunk. A flyer for Liquid...

Police: used drunk actors in Bexley sting

Police use 'drunk' actors in pub sting

By John Harrington

Actors pretending to be inebriated, with their clothes soaked in alcohol, have been used in mock stings targeting sales to drunks. They were served...

Counterfeit vodka: 10,000 litres seized

Major fake vodka plant raided

By Gemma McKenna

A major counterfeit vodka manufacturing and bottling plant in Leicestershire has been broken up following two days of raids by customs officers.

Number of drunken convictions has fallen

Drunken convictions fall by 75%

By Martyn Leek, M&C Report

New figures show that the number of those convicted of or receiving a police caution for drunkenness has slumped by more 75%.

Trade rubbishes 'LSD safer than beer' study

Trade rubbishes 'LSD safer than beer' study

By John Harrington

Trade leaders have rubbished a new report that ranks alcohol and tobacco as more harmful than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis. MPs argued for alcohol and...