Change of approach: the Government is considering moving away from a salary threshold for EU workers moving to the UK

Move to axe EU migrant salary threshold welcomed

By Emily Hawkins

Reports that the Government will look to move away from a £30,000 salary threshold for EU workers moving to the UK in future policy have been welcomed by hospitality trade bodies.

Settled status: the Government has scrapped the fee EU citizens would have had to pay to stay in the UK after Brexit

Sector welcomes abolishing of EU ‘settled status’ fee

By Emily Hawkins

Prime Minister Theresa May has scrapped the fee millions of EU citizens would have had to pay to be able to continue living in the country after Brexit – a move that has been met with a sense of relief from the pub industry.

EU citizens: should I stay or should I go?

8 things pubs need to know to keep EU staff in the UK

By Michelle Perrett

Got staff from the EU? Want them to continue working for your pub after Brexit? Then follow these 8 steps to help your employees obtain new UK immigration status using the recently published Government settlement scheme.

Marked occasion: Little Valley Brewery was just one business that produced special brews for Brexit

The Brexit impact on beers

By Nikkie Sutton

Breweries and pubs became inspired by the EU referendum last year and have produced beers relating to Brexit.

Stay with me: PM gives EU migrants right to work in post-Brexit UK

‘Migrant workers can stay,’ says PM

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs employing EU migrants will be allowed to maintain their contracts once the UK leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed for the first time.

Wise up: Tim Martin considers using non-EU supply chain

JD Wetherspoon could switch to non-EU suppliers

By Georgina Townshend

JD Wetherspoon’s chairman said he is considering looking at suppliers outside the EU due to the “current posturing and threats” by Brexit negotiators, who need to “wise up”.

Crisis call: securing the rights of existing staff may avoid a labour shortage

Brexit: employers concerned as future of EU workers remains unclear

By Michelle Perrett

Article 50 will be triggered today and the official countdown to Britain leaving the EU will begin in earnest, but the detail that is worrying most who work in the pub trade is the crisis in waiting around the residency and working rights of foreign employees...

Brexit EU referendum pubs analysis

EU Referendum

Brexit analysis: "What happens now?"

By Oli Gross

The EU referendum was characterised by extreme promises, warnings and exaggerations from both the ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ camps. Now many in the industry are worried about will happen to the thousands of EU nationals that keep the sector running day in,...

Tim Martin: 'Remain' campaign shows contempt for British public

Tim Martin: 'Remain' campaign shows contempt for British public

By Tim Martin

In my message below, I have tried to deal with the main points which have been raised by both sides in the great national debate about the EU. One point which has not been challenged by the IMF, the OECD, the Treasury, Goldman Sachs or any of the other...

Heading for the Brexit: How leaving the EU will impact pubs

EU referendum

Heading for the Brexit: How leaving the EU will impact pubs

By Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein takes a look at some of the key areas that will affect the pub sector following the British public vote to leave the European Union, and how a rejection of the continent could shape the landscape for pub operators in years to come.

Cameron: 'Brexit would be bad for wine and spirits'

EU Referendum

Cameron: 'a stronger alcohol industry lies within the EU'

By Nicholas Robinson

Britain's alcohol industry will be safer and stronger if the UK votes to stay in the European Union (EU), Prime Minister David Cameron has promised ahead of the referendum later this year.

EU: review of opt-outs from competition law

EU prepared to alter beer tie

By John Harrington

The EU has indicated its upcoming review of the beer tie could lead to changes in how the tie fits within European competition law. It also revealed...

UK to fight EU Working Time Directive

UK to fight EU Working Time Directive

The UK will go to Europe again today to make its case for continuing to opt out of the EU's 48 hour working week. The EU Working Time Directive...