British bosses are willing to fork out for work drinks

Brit bosses lead way at the bar

By Ewan Turney

British bosses believe in boosting team morale the old fashioned way — with a pint at the pub. SAB Miller's European Beer Drinkers Survey revealed...

Survey: not great result for UK

UK the binge drinker of Europe

By Martyn Leek, M&C Report

The UK has been labelled the "binge drinking" capital of Europe, after research found that 12% consumed up to 10 drinks on a night out.

Gallo: plans to expand on-trade distribution

Gallo reveals 2010 plans for UK market

By Sonya Hook

E&J Gallo Winery plans to expand its on-trade distribution in the UK this year and its Barefoot brand will be the one to watch, it announced...

Carlsberg: official World Cup beer

World Cup to boost pubs' business

By Lesley Foottit

The World Cup is licensees' biggest opportunity to increase beer sales in 2010, according to Carlsberg UK. Last Friday's draw resulted in favourable...

Carlsberg: smoke ban and economic downturn have taken toll in UK

Carlsberg: UK beer market severely hit

By Ewan Turney

Danish brewer Carlsberg has warned the UK beer market has been "severely hit by sharp declines in consumption driven by the on-trade". Carlsberg said...

Brits most generous round-buyers

Brits most generous round-buyers

Brits are the most generous round buyers in Europe, according to a new survey. An SAB Miller survey of European drinking culture revealed that 82% of...

Preserving the pint

Preserving the pint

Q Is it really true that serving half litres and litres is actually illegal? Don't we use metric measurement now we are in Europe? I would have...